Thursday, January 29, 2009

Crewcuts adds new items

Of course, now that I've bought stuff, J. Crew has even better stuff I want to buy. Like this skirt:

Girls' cotton deco-dots skirt

or this cute tank

 Girls' organdy flower tank

or this tank

Girls' chiffon-ruffle tissue tank

Girls' floating flowers graphic tee

Some other cute things:

Girls' cozy french terry cardigan

Girls' posy chino jacket
This Jacket is shown with the Gathered Park Skirt in Sweet Orange

Girls' gathered park skirt

My problem when I buy clothes - for both B and myself- is I don't buy with an out fit in mind.  I look at the cute "Looks we Love" at on Crewcuts website and think "why doesn't B look that put together?"  And it's because I buy like I place stuff on the blog, without a care how B will wear the item.  My husband has helped me out, making me buy stuff together.  Now he needs to help with B.  We are going to Oakbrook this weekend, maybe I'll return the huge dresses and get cute little outfits.  

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