Sunday, January 25, 2009

Art Project Friday (and Sunday)

We went nowhere Friday (I did not go look for my pants), but we did lots of art.  Our third bedroom was turned into an office/craft room.  My husband bought cabinets from Ikea and installed them on two walls.  I have a great desk.  Also there is a sewing machine, that I really don' t know how to use and an iron, that I really don't know how to use.  I cleaned out one cabinet for B to house Playdoh, paints, markets, paper, crayons, stamps and stamp pads.  I share my stuff with her too.  Papercutter, stamps, paper punches.  I want to get her some pom poms and other stuff she can play with.  

B painting at her easel.  

We finger painted after brush painting and I lost all patience when she dumped the finger paints over (after 2 admonishments not to) and used the container to rip a hole in the paper.  Needless to say green finger paint was everywhere!  We quit shortly thereafter.  

B's new obsession, scissors.  

"I love scissors!" she says.

Sunday art with scissors and glue.

I did the paper punching.  Some of the paper has been colored on first using cool oil pastels I bought at Anthropologie.  She did the gluing with a glue stick and Elmer's.  Now I just need some frames.  

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