Friday, January 23, 2009

A long night

B went to bed early last night -6:00.  No nap plus 2+ hours of snow play makes for a tired girl.  In a way B's early bed time was good.  I had a school auction meeting that lasted a couple of hours and when I got home Mike and I watched the season premiere of Lost.  We watched 3/4 of it when B woke up.  She was up for about 45 minutes.  Went potty, changed her clothes grabbed Emily (Thomas' friend), and had Milky.  That was 10:45.  By 3:30 she was up again, milky and flopping around.  Then 6:50.  She made me mad with the milky request, so I made her get out of bed and fixed pears, eggs and toast.  Still haven't given her milky. She whined and cried and pissed me off.  So, she's eating toast watching Arthur on the computer.  Here's to a good day after a long restless night.

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