Thursday, February 25, 2010

James Street Rehab Update

THings are moving right along with our rehab. Most everything should be done by the end of March. The only thing I think that might not be done is the chimney rebuild.

WE are also replacing the two front windows.

I can't believe the work they can do in the winter.

The siding looks really good.

I hate all the noise, and I am sure I will be angry while they redo our bathroom (we only have 1.5 baths, so we are not replacing the tub - where would we bathe?).

Kid Update

No pictures. But an a couple of things. Charlie has been rolling over from her stomach to her back since Sunday. She also likes to shimmy around, using her legs and arms to face a different direction or even get off her play mat. (BTW, B never rolled over. It was like she refused. The doctor would ask about it at the well-visits and I would say, no, not rolling over, but she says about 100 words. My luck, Charlie rolls over kind of early and won't walk or talk until she is two.) And I finally got her to take a nap without me holding her. Well, once a day she does it for me. But I will take it!

B's new word is buoyant. Sunday, she was telling Mike and me what was buoyant, and what was not. Then she said, "sorry Mom, but I am un-buoyant." Where does she get this stuff? I really need to watch the words I use around her, because her memory is tight. Some of the statements she makes causes me to do a double take. Is my girl growing up? She is also asking about stuff like the human body and bones and blood and lungs. I need to bone up on science. Also, every night before she goes to bed, she kisses Charlie goodnight and tells Charlie that she loves her.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Photos of B and Taken By B

B in her cute jammies (thanks Jenn!)

Mike making Shadow's food.
(Taken by B)

B took this of me holding Charlie.

B creating her art. This was glue work. With
black, green and glittery glue. Yuck to clean up.

This is the craft room after B found all her old baby
toys. She played for a couple of hours. Of course,
when she was a baby, she never played with them.

I Made This Baby Outfit For Charlie!

We are heading off somewhere beachy for spring break and I really don't want to buy Charlie a lot of clothes that she is only going to wear once or twice. (She will grow out of the clothes by summer.) So, I decided to make her a couple of things. This is the first outfit I have finished.

I thought the fish would be cute
for the beach.

I bought the pattern from Etsy and the fabric from Fabricworm. I was fairly simple to make. I did mess up the straps a bit, so I may add buttons - or not. The other two outfits are almost done, I just need to buy some elastic.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Recap of the Week: Isabel, Kids, House Rehab and B's Pictures

It hasn't been a busy week, just one where I cannot get anything done. Charlie hates to be put down and isn't much of a day sleeper - well, she sleeps during the day about every other day. Today was a sleepy day - still hates to be put down though. She starts to wake just as soon as she feels her body at s new angle.

Today was good though. Great weather - almost 50 degrees and sunny. B, Charlie and I walked up town. I got a caramel, chocolate covered pretzel and B got an ice cream cone. Charlie, the poor thing, got nothing except some fresh air.

Isabel in the grocery bag. I went to put it away,
and about flipped when the bag moved. Isabel
gets into everything!

The girls in their dino jammies. B picked
out Charlie's. B loves to hold her. Charlie,
well, she tolerates it - sometimes. I am very glad B
loves her little sister. However, she always wants
to wake her up. I tell her if Charlie is sleeping,
I can spend time with you! Sometimes it works too!

I am slowly buying poor Charlie something else
besides sleepers. And I love when she smiles. She
looks a lot like B did.

Here is the back of the house - and some
rotted wood underneath the shower window.
Lovely - no I now why I have a runny nose.

They are really moving right along. I like
the new house color.

Here the gas utility is moving our meter for the
new porch. That is Mrs. Kravitz's house. She hates
construction on the street. I guess she would be
happier with a decrepit house across the street.

This neighbor was pissed they were digging in his yard.
Funny, we had our meter moved, but they didn't dig
into out yard.

B took this yesterday. Charlie is in clothes again - yeah!

Another B picture.
This is the chaos that has ensued because I don't
put the baby down. The corn popper is out, but we had
no gas to pop it (they turned it off to move the meter) so
I popped kernels in a paper bag in the microwave. I burned it.
B told Mike the kitchen burned on fire. There was a lot
of smoke.

One more of B's handiwork. I am not sure her
future is in photography.

I know the week isn't over - though I wish it were. I am desperate for Mike to be home too. The carpenters must talk about the most foul mouthed woman in the world. Yesterday was bad. The baby cried, B cried, the carpenters pounded non-stop, and I cried. Today, when they started the jack hammer (to break up the old porch) B went to school and Charlie and I bugged out. No way could I stay home and listen to it. Charlie went from smiling to crying when they started. I guess it will be worth it in the end.....

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Charlie Smiles!

I guess Charlie has been smiling for a couple of days, but I finally caught it (or Mike did) on film.

This cute 3 month sleeper (compliments of Nicole and family)
is already too small.

I bought 6 month ones today at Target. They look
huge, but the 3 month ones I bought there are too small.
She doesn't look that long.

Don't you like how all the pictures of Charlie are in this bouncy seat?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

James Street Rehab and A Picture of Charlie

First things first - here is a picture of Charlie. I got the cute dress at the Gap. It is a 0-3 months. to counteract the shorter length, I got some hot pink leggings. The dark blue really looked nice on her. She is like Mike, blue is their color.

They are working on our siding. They started with the garage. Took off the old siding. and started putting up the new stuff. Some interesting stuff. The header over the garage door was rotted out with carpenter ants and the one side of the garage had dry wall instead of plywood sheets under the siding. They started last Friday and worked yesterday. Today, nothing. Snow is a good construction stopper.

The new siding is a nice grey color. It is
some sort of manufactured product. I wasn't sure about
it, but it is made with wood and has a 10 year paint
warranty and a 50 year product warranty. A plus
after living with peeling paint for several years.

More photos to come as more work gets done. We also need to pick out some tile for the bath floor. Not sure whether we should go light (marble like the vanity top) or a dark, dark grey slate. As soon as we figure that out, we can get it ordered and start the bathroom.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Charlie is 4 Weeks Old Today! (1 Month Old in 3 Days!)

Yes, my little Charlie is growing up. Hard to believe. Seems like it was just a month ago that she was born. Oh, wait, it was about a month ago. Ha! Funny how long a month seems when there are two kids crying in your ear. Thankfully, they don't cry at the same time - much. Bad news? There is someone crying pretty much at any given moment. Mostly Charlie, not that I am keeping track.

I love this little striped number she has one.
It is made of Bamboo. The brand is Kicky Pants.
That is my nick name for Charlie, she is always kicking her legs.

Though they don't look it, her eyes are
a nice shade of grey. Weird huh?

She is starting to smile. Or, it's gas. But seriously,
calling it smiling sounds better.