Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Charlie is 4 Weeks Old Today! (1 Month Old in 3 Days!)

Yes, my little Charlie is growing up. Hard to believe. Seems like it was just a month ago that she was born. Oh, wait, it was about a month ago. Ha! Funny how long a month seems when there are two kids crying in your ear. Thankfully, they don't cry at the same time - much. Bad news? There is someone crying pretty much at any given moment. Mostly Charlie, not that I am keeping track.

I love this little striped number she has one.
It is made of Bamboo. The brand is Kicky Pants.
That is my nick name for Charlie, she is always kicking her legs.

Though they don't look it, her eyes are
a nice shade of grey. Weird huh?

She is starting to smile. Or, it's gas. But seriously,
calling it smiling sounds better.


Jennifer said...

I can't believe that she is 4 weeks old and I have yet to squish her. She has "woken up" since those early pictures. What a sweet, sweet face. I love her.

Nathan said...

adorable! I STILL need to bring you guys some dinner-it's been a crazy month with sickies ALL OF THE TIME. Hopefully soon...are you guys up for some homemade meatballs and sauce you can throw in the freezer?