Thursday, February 18, 2010

Recap of the Week: Isabel, Kids, House Rehab and B's Pictures

It hasn't been a busy week, just one where I cannot get anything done. Charlie hates to be put down and isn't much of a day sleeper - well, she sleeps during the day about every other day. Today was a sleepy day - still hates to be put down though. She starts to wake just as soon as she feels her body at s new angle.

Today was good though. Great weather - almost 50 degrees and sunny. B, Charlie and I walked up town. I got a caramel, chocolate covered pretzel and B got an ice cream cone. Charlie, the poor thing, got nothing except some fresh air.

Isabel in the grocery bag. I went to put it away,
and about flipped when the bag moved. Isabel
gets into everything!

The girls in their dino jammies. B picked
out Charlie's. B loves to hold her. Charlie,
well, she tolerates it - sometimes. I am very glad B
loves her little sister. However, she always wants
to wake her up. I tell her if Charlie is sleeping,
I can spend time with you! Sometimes it works too!

I am slowly buying poor Charlie something else
besides sleepers. And I love when she smiles. She
looks a lot like B did.

Here is the back of the house - and some
rotted wood underneath the shower window.
Lovely - no I now why I have a runny nose.

They are really moving right along. I like
the new house color.

Here the gas utility is moving our meter for the
new porch. That is Mrs. Kravitz's house. She hates
construction on the street. I guess she would be
happier with a decrepit house across the street.

This neighbor was pissed they were digging in his yard.
Funny, we had our meter moved, but they didn't dig
into out yard.

B took this yesterday. Charlie is in clothes again - yeah!

Another B picture.
This is the chaos that has ensued because I don't
put the baby down. The corn popper is out, but we had
no gas to pop it (they turned it off to move the meter) so
I popped kernels in a paper bag in the microwave. I burned it.
B told Mike the kitchen burned on fire. There was a lot
of smoke.

One more of B's handiwork. I am not sure her
future is in photography.

I know the week isn't over - though I wish it were. I am desperate for Mike to be home too. The carpenters must talk about the most foul mouthed woman in the world. Yesterday was bad. The baby cried, B cried, the carpenters pounded non-stop, and I cried. Today, when they started the jack hammer (to break up the old porch) B went to school and Charlie and I bugged out. No way could I stay home and listen to it. Charlie went from smiling to crying when they started. I guess it will be worth it in the end.....

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Jennifer said...

I love the new pictures of the girls. The house looks great. Don't cry, call me I'll come over. :)