Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Some Mid to Late March Pictures

Spring. Has it sprung? Today it is supposed to be 43 degrees and rainy. Good thing we have gotten outside lately. I almost can't keep the kids (Chuck especially) in the house. She walks over to the door and signs (notice she does not say) "more". Charley is doing well otherwise. Knock on wood, she has been really good on the potty - still false alarms, but way better than accidents. What else is new? My friend Sandy is in town from Seattle and I have been out to dinner with her twice (no kids, thanks Mike). Layla has been to doggy daycare and seems to actually behave worse than she did before she went. Not much else. B brought a cold home from school. But guess who has the worst of it? Yes, me! Charley seems bad too, but I feel like I have rocks in my nose.

OK, after that graphic on with the photos.

This kid (like my other) loves water. She will stand at the sink playing
(and making a mess) until I take her away screaming.

Ariel. Much beloved in our house.

Charley picks this coat out every day. No buttons
on it. So practical.

We have done lots of bubbles lately.

Sweet Shadow. OK, she isn't sweet. But poor thing
is becoming deaf. Either that or she is numb to my

See those crazy eyes. She is loco, man!

Art room fun. Beads and pipe cleaners.
Good hand eye.

Sorting shells.

Sorting, water play. This kid is ready for Montessori.

Do you like the way she holds the marker? I did not show
her that. Most kids her age, use their whole arm (from the shoulder)
when scribbling. Not Charley, she uses her wrist.

She concentrates so hard when doing it too.
What a cutey.

I have a "I'm cursed" story that I almost forgot. I told Sandy last night at dinner and maybe you'll find it amusing too. Since the kids played outside (and Charley dug in the dirt and spilled bubble solution) they had bathes on Monday night. After dinner B had a major freak out over a floaty Mike found in the garage. Good long tantrum. After, she refused a bath, so she showered. That left Charley to take a bath by herself (divine providence?). All was going well. Mike was sitting watching her when I came up to model the new bathing suit I got (too big, weird print). B came into the bathroom (mind you, smallest room in the house) with her vitamin cup (a glass cup). Just as Mike told her not to drop it on the marble floor - power of suggestion - she dropped it, scattering glass everywhere. Now I am barefoot, in just the bathing suit bottoms, B is barefoot, and Charley is in the tub smiling at me as she poops in the water! Seriously! Glass, poop, chaos. So I pull Charley out, pull the plug and pop her into the sink to wash her off. Mike is picking up glass and B is freaking out that the poop is still in the tub and not going down the drain (I should mention that B ha issues with drains and flushing potties - don't want to forget this so I can mention it when she is older and brings home that guy I can't stand). And you know, this was all at 7:45 at night when all good little girls should be getting ready for bed.

Hopefully that made you smile on this dreary day. OK, off to feed the birds, I mean squirrels.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday 13 March 2011

When B woke up this morning, she asked what we were going to do today. I said, it is Sunday, family fun day. HAH! What did I do? So, we manufactured an adventure of bundling up and walking up town for lunch, chocolate and on the way back? The park. I should have worn sock, my feet were cold!

So, Charley woke up almost three hours before
B did. Very unusual. Guess who's napping now?
Anyway, they were watching a show. Sisters.
Aren't they something? Yes, they are.
A hole in my head. Oh wait, I promised Mike
I am going to positive, not negative. God help me!

Love that hat on Charley.

The girls love to swing.

Yes, B should be swinging in the big girl swings.

But, you know B. She has her own mind.

Sisters. Aren't they something else?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

First Zoo Trip of 2011

When I checked the weather Thursday evening, I saw Friday's weather looked promising. Tired of being inside all the time, I asked B if she wanted to go to the zoo. She replied with an excited "YES!" It took awhile to get stuff (and us) ready, but we were off a little before 11.

I forgot sunglasses (for the kids, I remember mine).

B is mapping out our visit.

This monitor "interacted" with B the whole time she visited
with it. It stood on it's back legs and everything.

Dolphin show. I worry about captive dolphins,
but the girls really like the show.
I took really crappy pictures.

The lions (and the tiger I didn't photograph) were out
and loud yesterday.

Their roars are so loud! But really cool for the kids as well
as me to hear.

I have never seen the lions move before this trip.

Here are B's souvenirs.

This was the first zoo trip where I think Charley "got it." We didn't see that much. What with eating lunch and the bathroom breaks - have I mentioned B doesn't want to use the public potty? The toy dolphins were actually a bribe so that she would use the bathroom. Charley's problem is the opposite. She wants to go to the potty ALL the time. Whether she has to go or not. Every time we go out to dinner, she (and me) spend half the time in the bathroom. She is doing better with the pottying. Two weeks ago, she had 3 bad days, and I was ready to throw in the towel. Good think Mike is supportive, he said I couldn't do that. And you know what? She is back to going, and very few accidents. I still worry how she (and B) will do on our upcoming trip. With B not using the "public" and Charley wanting to go every 10 minutes, it might be a really, really long plane ride.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

B's Castle

You saw in the last post, the girls got a new stroller. Then Charley got an Easter Basket. So B got the idea to tape the two together and make a castle. We cut and helped with the tape, but it is all her idea.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bi-Weekly Update

Yes, I don't seem to be keeping up with my blogging duties. Who knows what I am doing. I feel like I run around all day getting nothing done. Astro on the dog walk. Here are some pictures form the last couple of weeks.

by B.

B took this one too.

Charley's new umbrella stroller.

Charley is becoming quite the climber.

B's friend Jeremy. They had fun in the art room.

They made dragon costumes. This is Jeremy's
brother Derek.

B's wings and tail.


Charley loved the extruder.

This is a cat.

The other morning, Charley went into my closet and
came out with the shoes.

She clomped around in them for awhile.

She is such a girl.