Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bi-Weekly Update

Yes, I don't seem to be keeping up with my blogging duties. Who knows what I am doing. I feel like I run around all day getting nothing done. Astro on the dog walk. Here are some pictures form the last couple of weeks.

by B.

B took this one too.

Charley's new umbrella stroller.

Charley is becoming quite the climber.

B's friend Jeremy. They had fun in the art room.

They made dragon costumes. This is Jeremy's
brother Derek.

B's wings and tail.


Charley loved the extruder.

This is a cat.

The other morning, Charley went into my closet and
came out with the shoes.

She clomped around in them for awhile.

She is such a girl.

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Jennifer said...

Where does the time go? Miss you all!