Monday, February 14, 2011

February 5th through the 15th

I don't know why I can't be more consistent with blog posting. I plan to do one a week. Oh well. This post alone has been going on for three days. Charley has been clingy, so that doesn't help. Here are some pictures from the past couple of weeks. Lots of art. B has been prolific. I also took some photos of the Valentines I made for B to give her mates at school.

Here I am at my Mom's. This was the Friday after the storm I think.

B got a hold of the camera and took a bunch of pictures.

This is the cage B devised for her ladybug. Gosh, he had
a name, and now I have forgotten.

That is a cheese cracker for the bug to eat.

Lee gave us a bunch of pipe cleaners and
B has been making all kinds of things.
Here, a hat and a fishing pole.

Some other of B's new loves is scotch tape and this little
cardboard triangles that came as packaging from
the Republic of Tea.

Lots of flowers.

Jess turned 18 on the 5th.

Though we celebrated on the 6th at my sister's
annual superbowl party. I made the cake. It was OK.
A bit dry.

Charley has been doing pretty well on the potty.
She has even been going in and sitting down
all by herself. Sometimes there are false alarms,
sometimes accidents. But they are way more successes
than accidents. I still worry when we are out. But we have
been to parties and playdates and she has been great.
Dare I say better than her big sister? Actually, I think potty training
Charley has helped with B and her accidents.

This is Charley dipping her chicken into ketchup. She has started
imitating B a lot.

Hot chocolate blocks and homemade marshmallows.

The last three pictures are from B's school valentines.
I used my Silhouette to make the tags.

Charley got a Fropper for Valentines Day. She always wants
to ride on B's scooter, but she isn't big enough and we have to push
her around. She saw this at Learning Express and really liked it. She goes all
around on it. She can go frontwards, backwards, turns it. I actually cannot believe it.

This dress was B's. I dug out a bunch of B's clothes for
Charley. I am amazed at what I kept. It is good. Sad thing
is, now I don't need all the cute things I saw for
Charley at the crewcuts.

B made this balloon with a sticker and more tape. And
some wire - don't know where she found that. The little piece at
the bottom (which looks like a flower covered by masking tape)
is the balloon weight.

B's art is coming along. Her imagination is
vast. Sometimes she gets frustrated because
she can't execute what she envisions in her head.
I understand that feeling well, I tell her. The only problem with
her proliferation, is our lack of space.

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