Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day of School - August 24th, 2011

I know, I know, the kids have been in school all summer. But really, that was more like camp. Playing in the kiddie pool, field trips every other week, lots of time outside, no Spanish. Yesterday, it was game on! Thank God! I love school, even if my kids don't (see Charley down below).

No special outfits. Really, I kind of forgot. But they each have a pouf in their hair, whether it matches (or even looks good) or not. Charley had to wear the green one - probably because B had the pink. Oh, I better get more poufs.

B went straight outside. She hits the ground running, that one. Charley on the other hand.... She wasn't crying when I picked up up after school. That's good, right?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August is Almost Over - Can You Believe it? August 18th - 22nd

I used to hate summer. The heat, the humidity, the sun. But, three summers ago (when I was pregnant with Charley, I threw sunscreen to the wind (the shame, I know) and laid in the sun. And while my skin looks worse for it, those sunny days made me love summer. I know, of all the seasons to like, why chose the shortest. (Because in the midwest, there is only winter and summer. Fall and spring don't happen. 90 degrees with 100% humidity or 28 degrees with no snow, only dampness and clouds.) But, the pools, the fruit, the tacos. I love it. It is also so easy to go out with the kids. No coats, no boots (or shoes), sometimes no shirt. Dinner alfresco (something we don't do enough) and lemonade. I love it all.

So, needless to say, I am sad summer is coming to a close. School started to day (I have some pictures to come) and we didn't go to the splash park at all! Of course, it is 91 today, and are we going to the pool? No. Too many things going on, including a napping Charley and a serger class for me!

OK, enough with my jabber, here are some shots from the past couple of days.

This is play time from last Wednesday. The little one doesn't look sick.

This was last Thursday. We went to the Green Market.
We didn't do a lot on the kids week off from school.
Charley had a sick stomach, so we stayed close to home.
But isn't my oldest just a doll in that skirt?

Those are bread crisps they are eating.
The only thing Charley ate for a couple of days.
(Damn vaccine and Monkey Bizness.
Low immunity + kiddie germ pool = sick Charley

Like the hair chatch? That little pony tail thing
is from a mermaid Barbie.

They girls were checking on the fairy house before
we went to the fairy store.

Walking up town.

This is after we visited the Pink Hippo.
Puffs all around.

By Friday, Charley was feeling better so we met a friend at the zoo.
First stop, the butterfly house. So cool. Great butterflies.

Next stop, the carousel. Charley wasn't so sure,
so she rode with B.

We saw some animals (You all know what a giraffe looks
like, so I won't waste your time.) Next stop before we left?
The carousel. This time, Charley rode herself.

There may have been a small (or huge) breakdown on the way out.
Charley was crying and kicking and screaming. Egocentric B asked
if we could visit the gift shop. Really B? Did it really seem like
a good time to shop?
We made it to the front of the zoo, had some milky (aahh..
the power of the milky) and a snack. All was better.

Saturday came and with it a storm. It left some good mud at the
end of the walk (you know, where the city dug all around for the new
side walks and hasn't been back to seed or grade or anything. Just left it
a dirty muddy mess) for B to play.

Isn't it wonderful I buy her nice clothes?

A bath was in order. We went to a my cousin Barb's
granddaughter's first birthday that evening and
mud did not make an attractive accessory.

Sunday was a great day and Lee invited us up to swim
and eat ribs. B didn't think it was necessary to change out of
her jammies.

Charley was still celebrating Ellie's birthday.

And then the swimming commenced.

Notice I am not in the pool.
Too cold for this wimpy girl.

Charley jumped on the trampoline, swam, at
berries out of Dick's garden, then promptly
fell asleep on cousin Jeana. Was she tired or was she
bored of the movie Shark Tales?

Not to worry, she didn't sleep long. It was time for more cousin time.
Another reason summer ending is sad. All the cousins
go to school.

Monday was beautiful, so after swim
lessons, we went outside for art.

And some bike riding.

What? Everyone doesn't play and paint in flippers?

Next up I think I have some back to school pictures.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

B's Fairy House

On Wednesday, during Charley's nap (you know, when I should be doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen after lunch and SEWING), B asked me to help her make a fairy house. I had a horrible headache, but really couldn't figure out a way to get out of helping her. And, I had no ideas on how to actually go about building a fairy house.

See, it all started weeks ago, when I didn't want to watch the Incredible's again. So, I said it was Charley's turn to pick the movie. We hadn't seen the Tinker Bell movies yet, so I pushed Charley in that direction. B pissed and moaned and whined. She did not want to watch the fairies. Well, low and behold, my decision has started a new love. Now it is Tinker Bell costumes, fairy this and fairy that. Fairy houses and fairy accoutrements. AHHHH!!! What did I start?

OK, back to this fairy house. Since I was headache handicapped, I turned to my trusted friend, the internet. Well, it gave me ideas and depressed me. I don' t have the talent or at the time the where-with-all to make it look like the actual fairy house from Tinker Bell, the Great Family Rescue. However I did find a site that at least gave me the idea of how to start. Cracker boxes. Well, I had some of those, and masking tape and an X-Acto knife. With B's direction and my cutting. We made a start.

This was day one. We got as far as we could before Charley
woke up.

Here is B collecting natural stuff to put
on the outside of the house.

This is the next day. (Still had the headache, hell, still
do. Maybe I am allergic to my kids). During Charley's nap,
we built a removable roof. Made a bed and curtains, and
decorated for the fairies. Puffs to sit on and bread crisps to eat.

Put it by a tree for shelter. Much better than the middle
of the yard, where it originally was. You know, 'cause
it isn't like Layla will destroy it or anything.

OK, here is the little bike we bought from the fairy store. It is hard to see.
Fairy store you ask? Yes, just my luck, our town has a
little store called the Mossy Twig. They
have little stuff that fairies might like to use.
Did we actually buy something? Yes. Insane? Yes.

Here is the house's original position. In the middle of the yard.

Here is it, with some stepping stones, a plant
an an owl to watch over it.

Damn fairy store. The had chairs and tables and garden
equipment (I wanted to get a shovel, B did not. It was so little
and cute. Crap, now you know where she gets it from.) and even
seasonal decor. Glitter pumpkins for your fairy anyone?

Notice there is no natural materials on the house. B fought and fought not to put it on since I was going to use hot glue. I may have not mentioned, but B got a bad hot glue burn, so she is very adverse. I finally convinced her, located to glue gun, cleaned off the island, and the child who doesn't sleep enough woke up. So, I am still holding out to completely finish the house. All the natural materials (grass, sticks, bark, and leaves) are sitting on my buffet. It would be nice to find a new home for them.