Saturday, August 20, 2011

B's Fairy House

On Wednesday, during Charley's nap (you know, when I should be doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen after lunch and SEWING), B asked me to help her make a fairy house. I had a horrible headache, but really couldn't figure out a way to get out of helping her. And, I had no ideas on how to actually go about building a fairy house.

See, it all started weeks ago, when I didn't want to watch the Incredible's again. So, I said it was Charley's turn to pick the movie. We hadn't seen the Tinker Bell movies yet, so I pushed Charley in that direction. B pissed and moaned and whined. She did not want to watch the fairies. Well, low and behold, my decision has started a new love. Now it is Tinker Bell costumes, fairy this and fairy that. Fairy houses and fairy accoutrements. AHHHH!!! What did I start?

OK, back to this fairy house. Since I was headache handicapped, I turned to my trusted friend, the internet. Well, it gave me ideas and depressed me. I don' t have the talent or at the time the where-with-all to make it look like the actual fairy house from Tinker Bell, the Great Family Rescue. However I did find a site that at least gave me the idea of how to start. Cracker boxes. Well, I had some of those, and masking tape and an X-Acto knife. With B's direction and my cutting. We made a start.

This was day one. We got as far as we could before Charley
woke up.

Here is B collecting natural stuff to put
on the outside of the house.

This is the next day. (Still had the headache, hell, still
do. Maybe I am allergic to my kids). During Charley's nap,
we built a removable roof. Made a bed and curtains, and
decorated for the fairies. Puffs to sit on and bread crisps to eat.

Put it by a tree for shelter. Much better than the middle
of the yard, where it originally was. You know, 'cause
it isn't like Layla will destroy it or anything.

OK, here is the little bike we bought from the fairy store. It is hard to see.
Fairy store you ask? Yes, just my luck, our town has a
little store called the Mossy Twig. They
have little stuff that fairies might like to use.
Did we actually buy something? Yes. Insane? Yes.

Here is the house's original position. In the middle of the yard.

Here is it, with some stepping stones, a plant
an an owl to watch over it.

Damn fairy store. The had chairs and tables and garden
equipment (I wanted to get a shovel, B did not. It was so little
and cute. Crap, now you know where she gets it from.) and even
seasonal decor. Glitter pumpkins for your fairy anyone?

Notice there is no natural materials on the house. B fought and fought not to put it on since I was going to use hot glue. I may have not mentioned, but B got a bad hot glue burn, so she is very adverse. I finally convinced her, located to glue gun, cleaned off the island, and the child who doesn't sleep enough woke up. So, I am still holding out to completely finish the house. All the natural materials (grass, sticks, bark, and leaves) are sitting on my buffet. It would be nice to find a new home for them.


Jennifer said...

You are such a good mom and I LOVE what you did with the Fairy House. On a separate note, I had no ideas fairies got so hungry....

Nichole said...

That is adorable!! I wish we had a fairy store! G. would LOVE this project, btw!! I'll put it on our "to do" list...thanks for a great idea!