Monday, August 15, 2011

Art Alfresco

The art room is gone. We turned it into B's little bedroom. She loves her bedroom, but we all miss the art room (yes, that means no sewing room either). No art room means I am less apt to make the arty mess (or the sewing mess). Since today is lovely, and I feel the kids (and me) have been missing the creative outlet, I set up painting outside. OK, as I type this, I realize that B was the driving force. On the way home from swim lessons, she wanted to stop at Michael's (or the art store as she calls it) to get some of those wooden animals to paint. So, she bothered me all through lunch and finally (according to her) we headed outside. Oh, I had forgotten how art makes me crazy. Charley painting everything but the actual paper or thing she should be painting and B needing something every other minute. Still, they had fun. There may have been some playdoh involved too. B is now outside sitting at the table playing with her wooden creatures (Chuckie is asleep). So I better get cleaning the paint brushes. Enjoy the cute pictures. (I do say so myself.) Don't you like their concentration? They are totally Montessori kids.


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Jennifer said...

What creative girls!