Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Treat Bags

Instead of packing, I made treat bags for B and Charley's classes.

Not my usual crazy bags, just simple white bags that I markered to look like ghosts. Filled with candy and toys. The worst part was the stinky Sanford marker. I was supposed to use it to mark boxes. Oh well....

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

B's Latest Hair Style

So last night, after her bath, B asked if she could cut her Polly's (as in Pocket) hair. Mike said no. Mike went on to make me some tea while did laundry in the basement. The girls were playing or so we thought. About 20 minutes later we were watching TV when I noticed B's hair looked odd. Oh my God she cut it. A lot of it.

I fixed it with some color, hair spray and a head band.

After we explained that it would take long time to grow back and that we'd have to get the mullet she had left cut off, she was a little upset. She didn't want to go to school until it grew back. Right, like next Halloween?

I have to say, I freaked. I found a pile of hair behind the kitchen set where she was hiding when she took the craft scissors to her hair (you better bet that the scissors will be up high in the new house). She looked like Carol Brady. You know, the mullet look from the later episodes. Plus, she hacked her bangs.

We were lucky Rox had an opening after school today. I emailed her last night to give her the heads up and she was still shocked at how much B cut.

Rox started cutting.

And cutting......

And finally?

(Sorry the pictures are crappy, B did not want her photo taken.)

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

B's 5th Birthday (plus a couple random Pictures)

Well, my little girl turned 5 on October 4th.  (So late with this post.)  I remember when she was just a baby.   She was so cute.  Not terribly sweet.  As I remember, she came out crying and cried unless she was nursing.  Which she did, a lot.  In fact, she nursed so much the first day, she had several wet and poopy diapers her first day of life.  TMI?  I will be sure to share that fact when she brings home a bearded boy who has a van and a motorcycle.

Here is is my baby at around 4 months (earliest I can find at the moment).

 I tried to make her day extra special.  She woke up to streamers covering her door.

 Love the bed head.

Balloons on her chair for breakfast.

Fancy outfit with homemade rainbow shirt (rhinestone  - love the Silhouette) with a number 5.  New tutu skirt.

Someone else needed a skirt too...

Here is the photo they took at school. 

 Opening presents.

Playing with presents.

Talking to a cousin who called to wish her Happy Birthday!

Getting ready for the birthday dinner at Sushi Dinner.

 Walking to sushi dinner.

Happy Birthday mochi ice cream.

Quick stop to see the fish.

KCWC Update As Well As Some News

Well, I have not finished even one pair of pants.  Close, but no cigar.  I have Charley's about 75% done, B's are cut.  There is a reason, kind of.  This James Street Family is moving on down to the South Side of town.  To Meadows Road.  Do I need to change the blog name?  Life on Meadows Road does not have the same ring as Life on James Street.  What to do?  How about On The Corner of Ray and Meadows?  (We do like our corner lots, even though some realtor thought the corner lot was a negative!).  Anyway, Mike got a dumpster and I started packing and cleaning out cabinets.  Our spice cabinet alone spoke to my dis-organization.  Spices (some quite old), booze (a dusty bottle of Tanqueray - probably from our last house), nail polish remover, extra invites to LAST years Christmas Tea, a baby photo of B with Mike as Santa, bag of old wine corks, candles, natural flea spray, and a three bottles or rice vinegar. 

So, I am working on the pants while the kids play in the room.  Packing some while they are at school.  And, throwing out anything that has more than an inch of dust on it.  Wish us luck, and if you have a new name suggestion, I am all ears.  Which I kind of am.  I truly worry I will have Martha Stewart ears when I am her age and I won't have her disposable income to buy big enough diamonds to make my ears seem normal sized.  Really check out her huge ears.

B's Fancy Hair

I took Charley to get her mullet trimmed and Roxanne our stylist introduce B to Color Bugs. A little hairspray, chalky Color Bug and a bit more hair spray. Instant hair color. B loves her purple hair. We also have pink and orange, so keep an eye out for those. Rox did a better job than I do. I need some practice putting on the color.

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