Tuesday, October 18, 2011

KCWC Update As Well As Some News

Well, I have not finished even one pair of pants.  Close, but no cigar.  I have Charley's about 75% done, B's are cut.  There is a reason, kind of.  This James Street Family is moving on down to the South Side of town.  To Meadows Road.  Do I need to change the blog name?  Life on Meadows Road does not have the same ring as Life on James Street.  What to do?  How about On The Corner of Ray and Meadows?  (We do like our corner lots, even though some realtor thought the corner lot was a negative!).  Anyway, Mike got a dumpster and I started packing and cleaning out cabinets.  Our spice cabinet alone spoke to my dis-organization.  Spices (some quite old), booze (a dusty bottle of Tanqueray - probably from our last house), nail polish remover, extra invites to LAST years Christmas Tea, a baby photo of B with Mike as Santa, bag of old wine corks, candles, natural flea spray, and a three bottles or rice vinegar. 

So, I am working on the pants while the kids play in the room.  Packing some while they are at school.  And, throwing out anything that has more than an inch of dust on it.  Wish us luck, and if you have a new name suggestion, I am all ears.  Which I kind of am.  I truly worry I will have Martha Stewart ears when I am her age and I won't have her disposable income to buy big enough diamonds to make my ears seem normal sized.  Really check out her huge ears.


Nichole said...

You make me laugh! I'll brainstorm some name ideas on your behalf! ;)

Jennifer said...

You are a crack up.

Johanna said...

hilarious! I don't think i've ever noticed her ears before. they are huge.