Tuesday, October 18, 2011

B's 5th Birthday (plus a couple random Pictures)

Well, my little girl turned 5 on October 4th.  (So late with this post.)  I remember when she was just a baby.   She was so cute.  Not terribly sweet.  As I remember, she came out crying and cried unless she was nursing.  Which she did, a lot.  In fact, she nursed so much the first day, she had several wet and poopy diapers her first day of life.  TMI?  I will be sure to share that fact when she brings home a bearded boy who has a van and a motorcycle.

Here is is my baby at around 4 months (earliest I can find at the moment).

 I tried to make her day extra special.  She woke up to streamers covering her door.

 Love the bed head.

Balloons on her chair for breakfast.

Fancy outfit with homemade rainbow shirt (rhinestone  - love the Silhouette) with a number 5.  New tutu skirt.

Someone else needed a skirt too...

Here is the photo they took at school. 

 Opening presents.

Playing with presents.

Talking to a cousin who called to wish her Happy Birthday!

Getting ready for the birthday dinner at Sushi Dinner.

 Walking to sushi dinner.

Happy Birthday mochi ice cream.

Quick stop to see the fish.

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