Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Week in August - A Review

It has been a fairly busy week last week of August. We went to Lee's. B started school. We went to my Mom's. And back to Lee's again on Sunday (got to get those final skin damaging rays you know). We also got to see Cathie and Ed P. at Lee's.

A friend, George S. is under the impression that I love motherhood. I must really put a positive spin on everything. So, to show him it isreally not all fun and games, I present two pictures, taken one right after the other.

Why was B crying? I don't know . All I know is
last Monday she was a beast. With a capital B.

Why was Chuck crying? Probably because I
wasn't holding her. Surprising that Charley was crying
because she usually doesn't cry when B does. Usually she

B's first day of school. This photo makes her look
like a motley, frumpy old woman. It is actually a
cute dress. I wish she would let me do
something with her hair. She wore hair clips once.
That is once. Never again.

This is from Friday. We went to Grammy's. My Mom
likes to see them in a dress/skirt. Oh, Charley loves to
have her picture taken.

The two playing together. Nice huh?

This is one of Charley's big milestones. She just
stands up. In the middle of the room, not holding onto
anything. And she will walk a bit while she holds my hand.
She even takes a step by herself or tries anyway.
Other things she is doing? Well, her 2 top front
teeth and as of Sunday, Lee got her clapping. Also, she waves and says hi.
Well, she says hi to Mike. Not me.

Crawling on the cement about kills me. She
doesn't mind too much. She walks on her feet and hands.

B picked the bathing suit at Target. Then she insisted
Charley get on as well. They were on clearance, so I didn't
mind too much. She loves ballet clothes, not ballet.....

Can you believe B is sharing something with Charley?
A peach, not a toy. But a start.

This will be the only time you see them in matching
clothes. Coordinating, maybe. But don't hold your breath.

Serious little baby.

Cousin Jeana. The only one left at home. That
is mostly OK. I think she is B's favorite.

B flying through the air. This summer
has done wonders for her confidence in
the water.

Other stuff with the kids... B is taking swimming lessons again. This time indoors. Charley got her feet measured today, and a new pair of shoes. Size 5. Looks like she takes after me - well at least in the feet. B didn't wear a size 5 until after her 1st birthday. We need to patch B's eye for a couple of hours a day. Haven't gotten the patch yet. Charley is going through a clingy phase and B wants to have mermaid/reptile birthday. So how do I make invitations for that? Coming up besides B's birthday. Charley start Gymboree, Sing and Sign and Library class.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Grosgrain is having a great giveaway! This machine will do almost anything crafty. I totally want one, but with the lack of time I give my crafty endeavors, I surely can't buy one. So, I have to win one. Here is crossing my fingers!!!


Monday, August 23, 2010

A Few Weekend Photos

We didn't do too much this weekend. Saturday was our friend and neighbor's 40th birthday party (Happy Birthday Markus!). Before the party, we (Mike) worked around the house and played with the kids, then went over for he party. Sunday, Grandpa came over for the very cool car show our town hosts every year (and to fix something on his own car with Mike - and to see the girls. B thinks it is cool that Grandpa is Mike's dad.)

Here are a couple pictures of the girls from this weekend.

OK, Charlie or maybe Charley, I can't decide, thought it
would be fun to pull a lot of books off the bookshelf. See, the
funny thing is, Charlie doesn't like to read all that much.
There are a couple of books she enjoys - she loves a good pop-up
or a peek-a-boo book, but won't sit through nearly half the books
B used to sit through. B till loves books. She'll want to read book after book.
Charlie didn't get that desire and it kills me.

Still, she plays with them and looks at them herself.
I guess it is a straw to grasp onto to.

Cute little thing isn't she - in her superman
cloth diaper?

Here is a picture from dinner last night. This is her
Doidy cup. She is supposed to use two hands, but I guess
if she can make it work with one.... And actually
the spilling is less. OK, now that I said that, she will dump
the whole thing today.....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Let Me Out!

B was out on the front porch studying a cicada (yes, she is that kid), when Charlie crawled over to the door stood up and pushed. B came up to the door and whatever she was doing made Charlie laugh and laugh. Nice to hear that sound instead of the usual crying, whining and screaming (and you can bet, I am also doing my share of it).

Charlie's Got Some New Things

I met a Mom last week with a year old boy who still hadn't gotten his teeth. Can you imagine the teething ? He will probably get 6 at a time! He had on a cool necklace - an amber necklace. The theory is they help with teething. There is oil in the amber and it gets absorbed into the skin. The oil has anti-inflammatory properties. I hate giving Charlie Tylenol, so I thought I would give one a try. Charlie has been irritable and her upper gums are red and she has been whining up a storm. It came this morning, and I hooked it on her neck. OK, I am sure it was a coincidence, but Charlie stopped whining immediately. Weird huh? So, hopefully this will her (and me).

The other neat thing that arrived for Charlie is the Doidy Cup. I use sippy cups for Charlie (both Born Free and Kleen Kanteen), but I wanted her to learn to drink from a real cup. She could already do it if I held the cup, but with the Doidy, she can (and does) do it herself. I mean she already feeds herself, why not drink for herself too. She already has the motion down, since she can used the Born Free. I do admit, it can be a watery mess, especially if she knocks it over (or, who am I kidding - tips it over), but she really can do it. Here is a photo of the cup. I haven't gotten a picture of her using it yet. Do I really want the camera around all that flying water?

Orange Doidy  Cup

I will try to get a picture. Maybe Mike can take it. He is better at it then me.

Potty update: Well, Charlie sat on it the first day, and has yet to sit longer than it takes to sing the ABCs. Sunday morning after she woke up, I put her on it. She sat for a bit, stood up to my hands and urinated on the floor. I mean, come on. But we had a good laugh then cleaned up the floor. Now, the bathroom floor is clean. Am I Suzy Sunshine out my ass or what?

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Visit to Aunt Lee's

Saturday we went to visit my sister Lee and her family. We had a good time swimming as a good dinner as well. Here are some photos and a video of B swimming. B wore this cute little floaty device and swam all around Lee's pool unaided. This is a first. Also, the first two photos are ones that B took herself.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

James Street Rehab - Update

We did of bit of hardscaping. We still have to do plants, but the new walkway and the stone step look great.

Charlie's Got A New Potty

Yes, it does seem early. But, I am a proponent of "Diaper Free Before Three, " so it is time to introduce the potty. Besides, I HATE diapers. And isn't she cute? I will let you know how it goes.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Here's What's Up Since My Last Post On July 22nd.

Spending time on the front porch (yard).

That is a baseball bat B is wielding.

Shadow got a (bad) haircut.

Layla got a new kong (thanks Kristine).

Grandma's birthday.

B got glasses (she is far sighted in one eye).

Blue and green of course.

Mike got a roof rack for the Land Rover (to go to Wisconsin).

Charlie playing with the cardboard.

We went to Wisconsin.

B swimming with Grandpa.

Grandpa doing motorboat.

Her first and second to last time in the water.

Spending some quality time canoeing.

Painting because B has a terrible case of duck itch
and cannot go in the water lest she gets more.

Mike and B fishing. A couple of days before, Grandpa took
B and cousin Eileen fishing and they caught 32 fish in
about 40 minutes.

A loon. Lots of loons in WI.

Yes, that is Layla on the picnic table.

Charlie turned seven months.

She is really growing. She loves pull herself up and stand
(even by herself, for almost a minute). She tries to walk
wjile you hold her hands. She is waving and
smacking kisses.

Charlie loves pizza.