Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Charlie's Got Some New Things

I met a Mom last week with a year old boy who still hadn't gotten his teeth. Can you imagine the teething ? He will probably get 6 at a time! He had on a cool necklace - an amber necklace. The theory is they help with teething. There is oil in the amber and it gets absorbed into the skin. The oil has anti-inflammatory properties. I hate giving Charlie Tylenol, so I thought I would give one a try. Charlie has been irritable and her upper gums are red and she has been whining up a storm. It came this morning, and I hooked it on her neck. OK, I am sure it was a coincidence, but Charlie stopped whining immediately. Weird huh? So, hopefully this will her (and me).

The other neat thing that arrived for Charlie is the Doidy Cup. I use sippy cups for Charlie (both Born Free and Kleen Kanteen), but I wanted her to learn to drink from a real cup. She could already do it if I held the cup, but with the Doidy, she can (and does) do it herself. I mean she already feeds herself, why not drink for herself too. She already has the motion down, since she can used the Born Free. I do admit, it can be a watery mess, especially if she knocks it over (or, who am I kidding - tips it over), but she really can do it. Here is a photo of the cup. I haven't gotten a picture of her using it yet. Do I really want the camera around all that flying water?

Orange Doidy  Cup

I will try to get a picture. Maybe Mike can take it. He is better at it then me.

Potty update: Well, Charlie sat on it the first day, and has yet to sit longer than it takes to sing the ABCs. Sunday morning after she woke up, I put her on it. She sat for a bit, stood up to my hands and urinated on the floor. I mean, come on. But we had a good laugh then cleaned up the floor. Now, the bathroom floor is clean. Am I Suzy Sunshine out my ass or what?

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Jennifer said...

Suzy Sunshine - you're the best!