Monday, August 23, 2010

A Few Weekend Photos

We didn't do too much this weekend. Saturday was our friend and neighbor's 40th birthday party (Happy Birthday Markus!). Before the party, we (Mike) worked around the house and played with the kids, then went over for he party. Sunday, Grandpa came over for the very cool car show our town hosts every year (and to fix something on his own car with Mike - and to see the girls. B thinks it is cool that Grandpa is Mike's dad.)

Here are a couple pictures of the girls from this weekend.

OK, Charlie or maybe Charley, I can't decide, thought it
would be fun to pull a lot of books off the bookshelf. See, the
funny thing is, Charlie doesn't like to read all that much.
There are a couple of books she enjoys - she loves a good pop-up
or a peek-a-boo book, but won't sit through nearly half the books
B used to sit through. B till loves books. She'll want to read book after book.
Charlie didn't get that desire and it kills me.

Still, she plays with them and looks at them herself.
I guess it is a straw to grasp onto to.

Cute little thing isn't she - in her superman
cloth diaper?

Here is a picture from dinner last night. This is her
Doidy cup. She is supposed to use two hands, but I guess
if she can make it work with one.... And actually
the spilling is less. OK, now that I said that, she will dump
the whole thing today.....

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