Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Week in August - A Review

It has been a fairly busy week last week of August. We went to Lee's. B started school. We went to my Mom's. And back to Lee's again on Sunday (got to get those final skin damaging rays you know). We also got to see Cathie and Ed P. at Lee's.

A friend, George S. is under the impression that I love motherhood. I must really put a positive spin on everything. So, to show him it isreally not all fun and games, I present two pictures, taken one right after the other.

Why was B crying? I don't know . All I know is
last Monday she was a beast. With a capital B.

Why was Chuck crying? Probably because I
wasn't holding her. Surprising that Charley was crying
because she usually doesn't cry when B does. Usually she

B's first day of school. This photo makes her look
like a motley, frumpy old woman. It is actually a
cute dress. I wish she would let me do
something with her hair. She wore hair clips once.
That is once. Never again.

This is from Friday. We went to Grammy's. My Mom
likes to see them in a dress/skirt. Oh, Charley loves to
have her picture taken.

The two playing together. Nice huh?

This is one of Charley's big milestones. She just
stands up. In the middle of the room, not holding onto
anything. And she will walk a bit while she holds my hand.
She even takes a step by herself or tries anyway.
Other things she is doing? Well, her 2 top front
teeth and as of Sunday, Lee got her clapping. Also, she waves and says hi.
Well, she says hi to Mike. Not me.

Crawling on the cement about kills me. She
doesn't mind too much. She walks on her feet and hands.

B picked the bathing suit at Target. Then she insisted
Charley get on as well. They were on clearance, so I didn't
mind too much. She loves ballet clothes, not ballet.....

Can you believe B is sharing something with Charley?
A peach, not a toy. But a start.

This will be the only time you see them in matching
clothes. Coordinating, maybe. But don't hold your breath.

Serious little baby.

Cousin Jeana. The only one left at home. That
is mostly OK. I think she is B's favorite.

B flying through the air. This summer
has done wonders for her confidence in
the water.

Other stuff with the kids... B is taking swimming lessons again. This time indoors. Charley got her feet measured today, and a new pair of shoes. Size 5. Looks like she takes after me - well at least in the feet. B didn't wear a size 5 until after her 1st birthday. We need to patch B's eye for a couple of hours a day. Haven't gotten the patch yet. Charley is going through a clingy phase and B wants to have mermaid/reptile birthday. So how do I make invitations for that? Coming up besides B's birthday. Charley start Gymboree, Sing and Sign and Library class.

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Amanda said...

I LOVE the tutu bathing suits! Absolutely adorable!