Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weekend Events

This past Saturday B woke bright and early at 6 am. Thank God Mike doesn't work on Saturdays and went downstairs and made her tea. I got up a little before 8 with Charlie sleeping until almost 9! Bad news is that she went to bed at 10:30. Oh well. Mike's Dad came over around 8:30 to help Mike put up crown molding in the living room. YES! Those two made my crown molding dreams a reality. They did a great job. Thank you Mr. B and Mike.

Mr. B also brought over some Easter presents. B's favorite, besides the chocolate bunny (solid, of course) was a dinosaur egg that was filled with dino bones. She had to use the enclosed tools to break and dig through the egg to find the skeleton.

Worst part of the weekend was Charlie taking a spill of the clothe dryer and onto the basement floor. She was in her bouncy seat and bounced right off. An ER visit, CT scan and a night under observation has made me a bit more responsible . That and the Bad Parent of the Year award I received. Yes, I knew you don't put the seat on an elevated surface, but B never bounced the seat (of course, B wasn't trying to crawl at three and a half months either) like Charlie. But, it never happens to me right? Yeah, right. So anyway, Charlie should be safe from my stupidity from now on, I have given up doing laundry. New clothes aren't that expensive are they? Seriously, have learned from my lesson. Weird thing is, I would never leave her on the changing table by herself, why in this instance was I so lax? I won't be again. My sweet little girl looked so sad with the monitor wires and the hep lock. We were lucky, and she didn't even get a bruise. At least I got the award.....

B is using a brush to dust the bones.

My perfect molding! Now, we just need to paint over
the brown wall.

B loving her sister. Look at the terrified look on
Charlie's face.

The sisters. Cozy in their jams.

Now that Mike (and his Dad) have knocked one thing off the to-do list, how far off is Ina's kitchen? That should be next right? HAH!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Charlie is Sleeping

OK, how fair is it that Charlie is sleeping right now? The only reason is she didn't sleep well last night and you know what that means? Neither did I! But instead of napping with her, I am catching up on laundry and emptying the dish washer. Why or why am I not sleeping? House mess guilt! Oh no, she is awake. What did I complain?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

More Kid Pics

Just a couple more - just for Lee.

This is B doing the "Tiny Dance."
That means she has to go to the bathroom.

That is her Easter Bunny she is chewing on.

B's New Favorite Song

This is the YouTube of B's favorite song.

Uh Eeh Uh Ah Ah Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang!!

New Kid Pics

Not much is new. Charlie keeps growing out of whatever I buy her, doesn't nap for days, then naps today for 4 hours and B wants a narwhal toy. See, status quo.

This is B sitting in Chuck's Bumbo. B says Charlie
needs to share her toys. Yeah, like B shares
hers. HAH!

This was supposed to be a photo of B's
new shorts from Boden. She didn't want
her picture taken.

Charlie playing with her new toy. B wanted
to share this toy too. At least Charlie isn't in
her bouncy chair for this picture.

So far the weekend is going well. We went for a walk to Ace, then to the Winter Farmer's Market, lunch and cupcakes. Mike is doing a bunch outside. I will get some new house photos taken. We just need to get a landscape plan. Oh, and start the next house projects. Planting plants, painting trim and walls, crown molding in the living room (please!) and who knows what else. Poor Mike, he will be busy until he's 45 with my projects. Oh and by then, we'll have to start the projects again. My house would look great with a kitchen like Ina Garten's..........

Sunday, April 11, 2010

B's New Kite

You might remember that last May, B wanted a kite early one morning, so I made her one. I always said I was going to buy one, and I finally got around to it. When we were at Target last week, Mike picked up a little owl kite. B has been waiting for a windy day, and yesterday the weather obliged - a bit anyway. Mike got the kite above the house. Mike also almost got the kite stuck in a tree

I swear, the snow fence is never going away.

Shadow. She needs to be groomed.

Mike got it close to the power lines too.

This has been a very lazy weekend. We didn't do much. A visit with our neighbors, a bit of yard work, and laundry. I am still doing laundry from the trip. I think anything that goes on holiday with us, must be washed when we get home. Weird, but true.

I plan to be a more interesting blogger in the future. Either when Charlie starts napping better or she goes to Montessori. It is hard to type with one hand.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Guess Who is Three Months Old Today?

It is Charlie!!! She celebrated by reading some books, singing some songs and playing on the floor. Also, with a nice walk up town to get B's hair cut.

My birthday girl. I call her Charlie Chicken.

With her sister.

Yes, that is a pail full of disposable
diapers in the back ground. The cloth
diapers are still to big around her skinny
chicken legs.

Last Day of B's Spring Break

Yesterday's weather was fantastic! We did some stuff around the house in the morning (trying to get Charlie to sleep, painting with new water colors (thanks Lee), reading, trying to get Charlie to sleep. I tried to get B interested in the park, but no go. We did head out on the porch to sit and relax. B wanted to try and climb a tree. Since we have none to climb, she settled for swinging from one.

B loves that snake!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail......

B was pretty excited for Easter. First there was an egg hunt - for eggs with candy inside. Then a basket full of goodies from the Bunny. And lastly, time with her favorite cousin Jeana.

The egg hunt.

Space Monkey.

Grandma gave B this cool chocolate egg
filled with......

chocolate dinosaurs. A huge hit

At Aunt Lee's coloring Easter Eggs.

That is Joe at hte end of the table -
perhaps making Grandpa's "Baa" egg.


Easter Egg hunt. Even I got to play.

Jess and Jordan didn't make it home from
school for Easter this year. So sad!!! We missed them.

Charlie in her cute Liberty of London for
Target dress. I love that stuff.

Getting a kiss from Champ.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Forgot This Picture From Our Trip

On our second to last day, a conservation worker brought an albino burmese python around - with a photographer in tow. B's dream come true! She also brought her snake to the beach (albeit a toy snake). Here is a picture of B comparing her snake to the real one.

We found out later - when we picked up the picture - that the conservation people brought all kids of animals to the hotel. We just missed them because we never hung out by the pool. Turns out we missed a sea lion, a skink, a macaw and something I can't remember. I was bummed! But still, B got to see and touch a live snake. Cool for her. Made her day.

Charlie's Early Easter Present

Charlie wants to sit up. If she is laying and you offer your hands, she tries to pull herself into a seated position. Since she has great head control, so the bunny gave her a Bumbo chair. At first, she didn't like it, but then we got her laughing!

Charlie laughs maniacally! It is hilarious. To get her to smile, I have been doing peek a boo. Like how we have the Bumbo on the counter? It specifically says not to place it on elevated surfaces. Oops.

Spotted! The Easter Bunny on James Street

Our park district has a bunny basket delivery, so I signed B up. He came last evening. Isn't he cute?

Of course, B was more interested in the basket.

James Street Rehab - Update

The house is almost done. A bit more painting, and some bath stuff. Here are some new photos.

Friday, April 2, 2010

A Mexican Holiday

We just got back from our spring break trip. We went to Puerto Vallerta and stayed in a hotel called Dreams Villamagna. We planned the trip so we would be there with my sister. We stayed Thursday to Thursday and had a good time - mostly. We really enjoyed the beach, and I really enjoyed breakfast (the rest of the meals were marginal to good - I am picky, so others may have thought the food was fine). I am already looking forward to a trip next year. Mike not so much.

He was way more stressed than me. I think being around the kids 24/7 was a lot. But they were really good. Even Charlie. I stayed in the shade with her most of the time, but she really didn't cry too much. No more than at home - maybe even less. I have discovered she is a better child when I don't eat sweets. How fair is that?

B only had one major meltdown. Not bad considering she was go, go going all the time. And my niece Jeana and sister Lee helped a lot. They both played with B and jiggled Charlie for me when I needed a break. Plus, Mike and Jeana had a lot of fun playing in the ocean.

There are no photos of my sister and only one of me - we are so related. We hate having our picture taken. But there are some of everyone else:

Sleepy B on the plane.

Charlie slept too. How did we get so lucky?

Our "home away from home." It was nice. Tile floors
though. Slippery when wet. Very bad. B is watching Ponyo.
Our new favorite film.

I know she is my kid, but I think she can be
pretty stinking cute when she smiles.
Mike hated the head band. He said I sold out
and drank the "cutesy" kool aid. True. I would have
never put this on B.

The loves of my life. This picture should be
the one you get when you purchase a frame.

The shower water did a number on B's (and my) hair.
Too soft.

Dinner with the family. This is my B-I-L Dick.

Isn't this outfit cute? Cathie P. gave it to
Charlie as a being born present.

B really loves the beach. She didn't go on the pool
once. And it was a beautiful pool with lots
of shallow areas.

Playing splash ball.

B and one of her favorite drinks. Strawberry
daiquiri. Her other favorite? Pina Colada.

B with her favorite cousin (don't tell Jordan or Jess).


My third child, Mike.

Jeana and Mike. Did I mention, Mike
broke a board?

B boogie boarding, just like her Dad.

Cool Sand Castle guys.

Sleepy B.

Almost a smile...

B checking on Charlie Chicken. Isn't that
a cool tent?

Jumping the waves with Mike.

By the end of the trip, B was a total
beach bunny.

Cool sand castle guys.

Our little happy family.

I bought two SPF rash guards for Charlie,
but one was too small. So she wore this one - a lot.

Charlie, in her cute Liberty of London for
Target dress. Wish I bought this in the next size as
well for the summer.

B made a towel bed on the floor.
She said it was comfortable.
She's nuts.

Our last morning. B didn't even want to go
to the beach that morning. Hence, no swim suit.

I think we will buy a summer pass to the beach
on Lake Michigan. It won't be warm (at all)
but I think it will be fun.

To be so carefree....

All in all, it was a fine vacation. I liked that B and Charlie got to spend some quality time with my sister's family (well, some of them).

We would go back to the Villamagna? They had a drink I liked - a sunshine. OJ, pineapple juice, papaya and something else (can't drink 'cause of nursing Charlie) it was delicious. They service in general was marginal - and we tipped a lot, so you think it would have been better. I was surprised the hotel was under staffed at a busy time like spring break. I think that had something to do with it. Like, there was only one waiter for the whole beach. He didn't come around very often (though he was pleasant even though he worked every day we were in Mexico). And I don't like how you have to get up early (thanks Lee and Mike) to get your beach chairs. I don't know if any all inclusive would be better. I did like that we could just sit around. We may have been eating marginal food, but we didn't have to figure out where to eat dinner every night (well, beyond the couple places at the hotel). And there was nightly entertainment. OK, it was usually right outside our balcony, but Mike and I watched some after the kids went to bed.

Again, it was a good vacation. I am a bit more tired than I had hoped to be. I think the trip home helped (that and too many hot cinnamon rolls at breakfast). The kids were good on the plane - both ways. But it is just a long day of traveling.

Next post? An update on the house and a visit from the Easter Bunny.