Sunday, April 11, 2010

B's New Kite

You might remember that last May, B wanted a kite early one morning, so I made her one. I always said I was going to buy one, and I finally got around to it. When we were at Target last week, Mike picked up a little owl kite. B has been waiting for a windy day, and yesterday the weather obliged - a bit anyway. Mike got the kite above the house. Mike also almost got the kite stuck in a tree

I swear, the snow fence is never going away.

Shadow. She needs to be groomed.

Mike got it close to the power lines too.

This has been a very lazy weekend. We didn't do much. A visit with our neighbors, a bit of yard work, and laundry. I am still doing laundry from the trip. I think anything that goes on holiday with us, must be washed when we get home. Weird, but true.

I plan to be a more interesting blogger in the future. Either when Charlie starts napping better or she goes to Montessori. It is hard to type with one hand.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I thought the object of kite flying was to get it stuck in the tree. Clearly, I am not as skilled as I had previously thought.