Friday, April 2, 2010

A Mexican Holiday

We just got back from our spring break trip. We went to Puerto Vallerta and stayed in a hotel called Dreams Villamagna. We planned the trip so we would be there with my sister. We stayed Thursday to Thursday and had a good time - mostly. We really enjoyed the beach, and I really enjoyed breakfast (the rest of the meals were marginal to good - I am picky, so others may have thought the food was fine). I am already looking forward to a trip next year. Mike not so much.

He was way more stressed than me. I think being around the kids 24/7 was a lot. But they were really good. Even Charlie. I stayed in the shade with her most of the time, but she really didn't cry too much. No more than at home - maybe even less. I have discovered she is a better child when I don't eat sweets. How fair is that?

B only had one major meltdown. Not bad considering she was go, go going all the time. And my niece Jeana and sister Lee helped a lot. They both played with B and jiggled Charlie for me when I needed a break. Plus, Mike and Jeana had a lot of fun playing in the ocean.

There are no photos of my sister and only one of me - we are so related. We hate having our picture taken. But there are some of everyone else:

Sleepy B on the plane.

Charlie slept too. How did we get so lucky?

Our "home away from home." It was nice. Tile floors
though. Slippery when wet. Very bad. B is watching Ponyo.
Our new favorite film.

I know she is my kid, but I think she can be
pretty stinking cute when she smiles.
Mike hated the head band. He said I sold out
and drank the "cutesy" kool aid. True. I would have
never put this on B.

The loves of my life. This picture should be
the one you get when you purchase a frame.

The shower water did a number on B's (and my) hair.
Too soft.

Dinner with the family. This is my B-I-L Dick.

Isn't this outfit cute? Cathie P. gave it to
Charlie as a being born present.

B really loves the beach. She didn't go on the pool
once. And it was a beautiful pool with lots
of shallow areas.

Playing splash ball.

B and one of her favorite drinks. Strawberry
daiquiri. Her other favorite? Pina Colada.

B with her favorite cousin (don't tell Jordan or Jess).


My third child, Mike.

Jeana and Mike. Did I mention, Mike
broke a board?

B boogie boarding, just like her Dad.

Cool Sand Castle guys.

Sleepy B.

Almost a smile...

B checking on Charlie Chicken. Isn't that
a cool tent?

Jumping the waves with Mike.

By the end of the trip, B was a total
beach bunny.

Cool sand castle guys.

Our little happy family.

I bought two SPF rash guards for Charlie,
but one was too small. So she wore this one - a lot.

Charlie, in her cute Liberty of London for
Target dress. Wish I bought this in the next size as
well for the summer.

B made a towel bed on the floor.
She said it was comfortable.
She's nuts.

Our last morning. B didn't even want to go
to the beach that morning. Hence, no swim suit.

I think we will buy a summer pass to the beach
on Lake Michigan. It won't be warm (at all)
but I think it will be fun.

To be so carefree....

All in all, it was a fine vacation. I liked that B and Charlie got to spend some quality time with my sister's family (well, some of them).

We would go back to the Villamagna? They had a drink I liked - a sunshine. OJ, pineapple juice, papaya and something else (can't drink 'cause of nursing Charlie) it was delicious. They service in general was marginal - and we tipped a lot, so you think it would have been better. I was surprised the hotel was under staffed at a busy time like spring break. I think that had something to do with it. Like, there was only one waiter for the whole beach. He didn't come around very often (though he was pleasant even though he worked every day we were in Mexico). And I don't like how you have to get up early (thanks Lee and Mike) to get your beach chairs. I don't know if any all inclusive would be better. I did like that we could just sit around. We may have been eating marginal food, but we didn't have to figure out where to eat dinner every night (well, beyond the couple places at the hotel). And there was nightly entertainment. OK, it was usually right outside our balcony, but Mike and I watched some after the kids went to bed.

Again, it was a good vacation. I am a bit more tired than I had hoped to be. I think the trip home helped (that and too many hot cinnamon rolls at breakfast). The kids were good on the plane - both ways. But it is just a long day of traveling.

Next post? An update on the house and a visit from the Easter Bunny.

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Jennifer said...

Looks like it was a great trip. Is there anything better than just sitting on the beach?