Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Kid Pics

Not much is new. Charlie keeps growing out of whatever I buy her, doesn't nap for days, then naps today for 4 hours and B wants a narwhal toy. See, status quo.

This is B sitting in Chuck's Bumbo. B says Charlie
needs to share her toys. Yeah, like B shares
hers. HAH!

This was supposed to be a photo of B's
new shorts from Boden. She didn't want
her picture taken.

Charlie playing with her new toy. B wanted
to share this toy too. At least Charlie isn't in
her bouncy chair for this picture.

So far the weekend is going well. We went for a walk to Ace, then to the Winter Farmer's Market, lunch and cupcakes. Mike is doing a bunch outside. I will get some new house photos taken. We just need to get a landscape plan. Oh, and start the next house projects. Planting plants, painting trim and walls, crown molding in the living room (please!) and who knows what else. Poor Mike, he will be busy until he's 45 with my projects. Oh and by then, we'll have to start the projects again. My house would look great with a kitchen like Ina Garten's..........

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