Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weekend Events

This past Saturday B woke bright and early at 6 am. Thank God Mike doesn't work on Saturdays and went downstairs and made her tea. I got up a little before 8 with Charlie sleeping until almost 9! Bad news is that she went to bed at 10:30. Oh well. Mike's Dad came over around 8:30 to help Mike put up crown molding in the living room. YES! Those two made my crown molding dreams a reality. They did a great job. Thank you Mr. B and Mike.

Mr. B also brought over some Easter presents. B's favorite, besides the chocolate bunny (solid, of course) was a dinosaur egg that was filled with dino bones. She had to use the enclosed tools to break and dig through the egg to find the skeleton.

Worst part of the weekend was Charlie taking a spill of the clothe dryer and onto the basement floor. She was in her bouncy seat and bounced right off. An ER visit, CT scan and a night under observation has made me a bit more responsible . That and the Bad Parent of the Year award I received. Yes, I knew you don't put the seat on an elevated surface, but B never bounced the seat (of course, B wasn't trying to crawl at three and a half months either) like Charlie. But, it never happens to me right? Yeah, right. So anyway, Charlie should be safe from my stupidity from now on, I have given up doing laundry. New clothes aren't that expensive are they? Seriously, have learned from my lesson. Weird thing is, I would never leave her on the changing table by herself, why in this instance was I so lax? I won't be again. My sweet little girl looked so sad with the monitor wires and the hep lock. We were lucky, and she didn't even get a bruise. At least I got the award.....

B is using a brush to dust the bones.

My perfect molding! Now, we just need to paint over
the brown wall.

B loving her sister. Look at the terrified look on
Charlie's face.

The sisters. Cozy in their jams.

Now that Mike (and his Dad) have knocked one thing off the to-do list, how far off is Ina's kitchen? That should be next right? HAH!

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Jennifer said...

I am so glad to hear Charlie is okay. About the award, I am sorry to share you can't have it. I wrapped it up years ago....