Thursday, October 10, 2013

B's 7th Birthday Party

Hold onto your hats, there are lots of pictures in this one!
I cannot believe B is almost 7. Sometimes it seems like yesterday she was just a little thing.
Here is the customary birthday tee and cheesy smile.

We had B's party a couple weeks early, hoping for good weather so that the 25 kids would be outside. We had a fantastic day. The bounce house arrived early so the girls played while my sister and Cathie P. helped with all the last minute stuff.

When I asked B what type of party she wanted, she said reptile.

Cathie P. introduced us to Lovin Ovens, a great bakery. They made this delicious turtle cake that my sister picked up. The turtle looks a lot like our turtle, but is made of cake.

Wanting to keep all kids out of the house, I set up the food on the screen porch. I went for a jungle-look. I wanted more streamers, but Mike told me to step away.

Palm trees from Amazon....

And snakes I made from paper rolls I bought from the school supply.


Fruit and veggies.

And pearlized gum ball snake eggs.

Burlap and leaves for the table.

And a cobra for atmosphere.

Jeremy from Dave Dinaso's Traveling World of Reptiles entertained.

He was quite awesome. Not only were the animals entertaining, Jeremy himself was funny. He did a great job of including Charley too. Below the girls are on some type of tortoise that did a nice job of mowing the lawn.

This was a monitor lizard giving B kisses.

This was some type of lizard, maybe named Pancake?

This snake (python? constrictor?) was albino and maybe 15 feet long.

The last time we had the Traveling World of Reptiles, B refused to hold the tarantula. I was very proud of her this time. B is not a huge fan of spiders.

Chatch isn't afraid of much.

This is a juvenile alligator.

And here is an iguana. It was very cool.

And the finale, was B holding 3 snakes.

This is probably my favorite photo.

Then it was time for cake and ice cream.

Below are the cookie favors, which also came from Lovin Ovens.

I think B had a good time getting to know her new school friends. B talked a lot about the animals and even bounced with her sister after the party.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Climbing Kitty

It is coming close to Halloween you know, so the kids have been talking about their costumes. For the last part of the summer, Charley has been talking about Climbing Girl and Climbing Kitty - superheroes. She first wanted to be Climbing Girl, with orange and green leggings. Then it morphed into Climbing Kitty. So, together we drew up an outfit complete with colors - because Charley is not one to trifle with and she will have a fit if you don't read her mind and who needs that, for the fourth time that day? I made the costume a bit early because Charley was invited to a super hero birthday party - so the good thing it is ready for Halloween.

I used the Lil Blue Boo Sienna 2.0 pattern and made a pattern for the cape (which I cut incorrectly and had to fix - which is why is is short). I found the mask template on the internet then shrunk it on the copier.

I like how the satin looks, but it is seriously miserable to work with - slippery and it frays. I had trouble finding a lightening bolt embroidery pattern, so I did an appliqué instead.

We got ready for the party. Put streaks in her hair, added her kitty ears.

Seriously cute right? Turns out the party was the next day. Charley was so excited, then so disappointed. I apologized profusely, then offered her chocolate milk and everything was fine.

So Chatch went to the party the next day and had a lot of fun.

Here are the kids showing their muscles.

Here is my little challenge with hair she designed herself.

I cannot remember where we went that day, maybe school? I had a lot of trouble getting so many piggy tails in her hair. When I saw she grabbed almost every clip out of the drawer, I couldn't figure out how I was going to make it work. But, I saw that pouty face (she has my number, eh?) and figured it out.

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