Thursday, October 10, 2013

B's 7th Birthday Party

Hold onto your hats, there are lots of pictures in this one!
I cannot believe B is almost 7. Sometimes it seems like yesterday she was just a little thing.
Here is the customary birthday tee and cheesy smile.

We had B's party a couple weeks early, hoping for good weather so that the 25 kids would be outside. We had a fantastic day. The bounce house arrived early so the girls played while my sister and Cathie P. helped with all the last minute stuff.

When I asked B what type of party she wanted, she said reptile.

Cathie P. introduced us to Lovin Ovens, a great bakery. They made this delicious turtle cake that my sister picked up. The turtle looks a lot like our turtle, but is made of cake.

Wanting to keep all kids out of the house, I set up the food on the screen porch. I went for a jungle-look. I wanted more streamers, but Mike told me to step away.

Palm trees from Amazon....

And snakes I made from paper rolls I bought from the school supply.


Fruit and veggies.

And pearlized gum ball snake eggs.

Burlap and leaves for the table.

And a cobra for atmosphere.

Jeremy from Dave Dinaso's Traveling World of Reptiles entertained.

He was quite awesome. Not only were the animals entertaining, Jeremy himself was funny. He did a great job of including Charley too. Below the girls are on some type of tortoise that did a nice job of mowing the lawn.

This was a monitor lizard giving B kisses.

This was some type of lizard, maybe named Pancake?

This snake (python? constrictor?) was albino and maybe 15 feet long.

The last time we had the Traveling World of Reptiles, B refused to hold the tarantula. I was very proud of her this time. B is not a huge fan of spiders.

Chatch isn't afraid of much.

This is a juvenile alligator.

And here is an iguana. It was very cool.

And the finale, was B holding 3 snakes.

This is probably my favorite photo.

Then it was time for cake and ice cream.

Below are the cookie favors, which also came from Lovin Ovens.

I think B had a good time getting to know her new school friends. B talked a lot about the animals and even bounced with her sister after the party.

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