Sunday, November 3, 2013

B's Actual Birthday and Other Random Photos

So, B is 7.  Last night Mike and I were sitting in the sofa while  B and Charley were putting in a dragon parade with the Model Magic dragons they made, and as I watched them, I had such an incredulous feeling.  Where did these kids come from and is this really my life:  Then I thought I shouldn't be surprised because this has been my life fir 7 years.  SEVEN YEARS!!!  Crapola, each day seems like a lifetime, but that 7  years is a mere blur.  Add in the littlest beast and now I know why my face is old.  These kids have aged me!  And lucky for me (as well as you, my gentle reader, who should be spared such horrible visions) there is not much physical evidence on this blog of my oldness.  So we are both happy, I will keep pictures of myself to a bare minimum or at least I will only have my picture taken from either far away or the Martha Stewart method where the photo is shot through some gauze to blur the scariness.

Here, let me shut the hell up so you can see what you really are looking for - pictures of the kids.

B's 7th Birthday


I did a crappy job this year of documenting this day.
B had a balloon ties to her hair when she awoke, and Mike,
Chatch and me took her lunch and ate with her at school.
We picked her up, and while we waited for Mike to come home to
open presents, B opened the package that contained her Halloween
costume.  No, I didn't make it.  Chasing Fireflies sourced it, probably from
China.  To say B loves this costume is an understatement.  She LOVES it!


Mike hurried home from work so B could open her presents. She got
a lot of books.  And a few Playmobil items (like the German Shepard dog
she had been pining for) and a small Lego friends thing.  She liked putting it
together, but since there were no animals in the toy, it quickly was set to the side.

Grandpa, Pat, and Sandy came for Sushi dinner (my kids favorite, not Grandpa
or Pat's or probably Sandy's for that matter) and afterward we came home for some cupcakes.

You can see, the little sister had to horn in on the action as get a candle as well.
It was not a glittered seven like B's, so some things were kept special.

 Dude, look at that kid.  She is so grown up. These kids are
going to send me to an early grave - or a plastic surgeon.
Bets on what comes first?

OK, lets move on from things that threaten to make me cry.

So, you know fairies are the thing here in the Brady house, right?  Well on B's birthday, Grandpa and Pat took B to the Mossy Twig  and bought B some fairy things.  She set up a little fairy scene outside my studio/office (I think I may become more creative and talented if I call it a studio).

B leaves notes for the fairies and they write back.  

So, we have talked about the Big one, let's discuss the little one.  OK, this may be the one that causes the big one (I'm coming Elizabeth!).  I cannot wait until she turn four, because if at least half the drama subsides, it may bring her dramatics down to Liz Taylor standards.  Oh year, she is that bad.  And, Charley, like her Mother, is not a morning person.  And we all wake up early these days.  Mike, of course, is up early, as bright as a daisy.  I stumble down to the kitchen hoping the coffee maker is filled with water.  B isn't horrible, but Chatch is a bear. Below, you see her right after we took B to school.  I grab her out of bed, wrapped in a blanket.  When we get home, the first order is chocolate almond milk with homemade chocolate syrup. (I mention this because I am ashamed that she drink this.  The one saving thing is it organic, not cow's milk and there is no corn syrup or coloring anywhere.)


This is what I deal with people!  You can understand my concern
for heart attack potential.

Here is my little fashion plate.  

This I added because she is so cute.  A devil, but cute.  The picture on the left
is before school, the one on the right is afterward.


 The girls had friends over.  It was the perfect opportunity
to test the rice crispy dipping I was going to do at Montessori
for Charley's Halloween party.  They had fun, and grossly enough, 
the crispy treats were good. 

My advice if you do this, is not to use colored candy melt.  (I used
white at Charley's school after this experience.) The red and pink I used
made the girls crazy!  After they were done, they ran outside all willy
nilly with shoes or coats.  (After you dip in candy melt,
you dip the treats into sprinkles - more food coloring.  I am so dumb.)

More pictures of the Drama Mama.

This is another morning after we took B to school.
I wish I could say we staged these things. The sun
was in her eyes when we took B.  And this is how she ate breakfast.

 There is that damn chocolate milk again.  Want to hear what other horrifying
thing Charley eats for breakfast?  HOTDOGS!  (Here is the part where
I tell you they are not only organic, but also grass fed beef.  The worst part
sodium.  But still, these hotdogs are like all others, made from lips and assholes,
but at least they are organic lips and assholes.....)

And lastly, here is a picture of the girls in their Halloween PJs.  Charley's glow in the dark.  They are really cool.  She wore them a lot.  They came with B's costume - from Chasing Fireflies.  I should see if they have a Christmas pair for her.  I have some glow in the dark fabric paint, I might be able to make some.  Christmas lights maybe?  Santa Hats?  Hmmmmmm......  I am in a creative rut, so any suggestions is appreciated.


Writing this post reminded me why I don't blog more.  It takes a lot of time.  And I type fairly fast and accurately.   But I will get up the actual Halloween pictures.  It was a busy Halloween.  Lots of parties and Halloweeness.  I am Halloweened out.  I am so Halloweened out, that I actually had two drinks at Keli's Halloween party Halloween night.  Crap, I am even tired of writing Halloween.  You all may only get picture on the next post.  No commentary.  If you are lucky.

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