Saturday, November 16, 2013

Halloween 2013 Part 2

Last time, I was in the middle of telling you about all the fun the girls had at Halloween.  That morning, the girls woke up in their Halloween pjs (the skeleton ones glow in the dark) and I made sure they had a good, healthy breakfast. 


 B kept reminding me that I told them they could eat as much candy as they wanted because it was Halloween.   I reminded her that she had to eat healthy meals and then she could have whatever she wanted.  I am a fool.  I know it, but Halloween! 

 We got a move on that morning because I had to be at Charley's school for her party.  It was so cute seeing all the kids dressed up.

There was a lot packed into one little party.  Stories read, a parade, snacks, rice crispy dipping with sprinkles, and a fun footprint craft (no pictures, because I was painting feet.)
 Another parent helped out, thankfully.  She is a Montessori teacher (not currently working, being a Mom instead) so she has a cool head and is great with kids (unlike me, who says things like, well, this is a family blog, you don't want to hear the things I say to kids).
 After Charley's party, I went home, scarfed some lunch, left Charley with Mike and ran over to B's school.  Where there was no fucking parking.  NONE!  People were parked on side streets. They were triple parked in the parking lot.  No exaggeration.  I could barely get through to the bus lane, where I parked. I did make it in time for the parade!  There were some cute costumes.  One of our friends went as Albert Einstein. 
After most of the parade me and the other party moms hurried down to the classroom to set up.  One of the moms, a seasoned school party pro came up with some cute games.  Mystery Bag, Halloween music limbo and oh, wrap the mummy with toilet paper and a relay race moving balls between pumpkins.

The whole class.

 Toilet papering B. 

OK, let's talk about the party a bit.  The teacher was great.  She really didn't care what went on.  But the school has declared that no food would be given or served.  So the goody bags were non-candy (which was hard without giving junky junk, which we ended up doing, but there was a cool giant glow wand).  Here's what pissed me off.  The PTO provided a safe, non allergenic snack that was "healthy."  Popcorn (and I won't start a huge debate, but is GMO popcorn really healthy).  OK, I can live with the Skinny Pop, but they didn't give out any drinks.  Not even some paper cups and a pitcher of water.  Seriously, it is Halloween people!  Give the kids some water!

The party was the last hour of school.  So B and I came home and I sat with my feet up for an hour.  I could never be a teacher.  First, I hate kids, second, they are tiring!  I was exhausted.  But Halloween must go on.  So, we passed out some treats at home then went over to the old hood for the annual Soups and Spooks party at a friends.  There was more candy, more fun and more exhaustion (and some rain!), but it was all worth it (even the drink I needed, I mean had).

I will leave you with this face.  Eating a corn dog.
If she wasn't born at home, I would swear she was switched at birth.
I don't know if I have ever had a corn dog.

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