Thursday, July 25, 2013

Everyone Had a Birthday the First Week of July

The real birthdays were my sister's and our country's.  However, Charley also declared it was Periwinkle and Puff Balls birthday this past week.  Complete with candles and song.  It was also a great week because Mike took time off work.  Yes, a Perfect Storm of Goodness!  Cake and help with Frick and Frack!

We'll start our recap with Periwinkle's birthday the same day as Lee's.  Perwinkle enjoyed pancakes after she blew out her candle.  It should be noted here that the day did not finish well for Peri.  Though she traveled with us to Lee's, she was left on the ground when we came home and Layla, upset at being left, took it out on Peri.  Periwinkle has already had reconstructive surgery on her nose and tail and is currently in the Hospital (my office) awaiting eye re-attachment surgery.  If anyone has advice on how to do this, I am all ears (which Peri is not.  She lost one and we couldn't find it.)

We packed into the car and we were off to Camp Lee's.  I made a cake to bring and let me tell you, I was sweating that it wasn't good.   I cannot afford to being any bad cake's to my sister's.  My nephew still doesn't let me forget the horrible hockey puck (which has a triple meaning, it looked like a hockey puck, tasted like a hockey puck and was heavy enough to be a hockey puck) cake I made 10 years ago.

My sister had these cute little avocados.  I had to take a photo.  They were so little and cute.

We started with gifts.  ***NOTE***** There will be no pictures of my sister.  She doesn't like her picture taken, so even though I took some, I will not post them.  Since it was her birthday wish and  she paid me handsomely not to.


 I made her a couple of things.

Then it was fun in the sun (or pool).


 A little Cirque De Soleil.  OK, we all tried this.  Even me.  No picture though.  You know, since I am the one taking them.

 A little cake. Which, by some miracle, was INCREDIBLE!  I think my sister had a good day.  I am sure it ended a lot better than Periwinkle's.


  Next birthday on the docket was Puff Ball's.  Now, Puff isn't a member of our family, but was lent to us by a friend.  Still, we are "party" people....  candle in a hot dog.  OK, yes, Charley is eating a hot dog for breakfast.  But it is all organic grass fed beef and nitrite and preservative free.  It is better than the GF pancakes with colored sprinkles she was eating.  We are getting rid of all food colors.  Bad Stuff Man!

This was Wednesday.  The girls helping Mike in the garage.

This is afterwards, the girls helping me get a pedicure.

Then round of the night with a little Sushi Dinner.

On the Fourth, we made our way back to Camp Lee for more fun with the cousins.

B and Jordan found this poor dead dragonfly. 

We didn't stay for the concert or the fireworks.  The cousins wore out the girls.

All in all, good birthdays for everyone.