Wednesday, September 23, 2009

B's Birthday Invites

I sent them out awhile ago, but am finally getting around to this post.

The front.

Envelope Front


Envelope Back.

I am surprised that they turned out so well. The front was actually the easy part. I used paper punches and cool paper. I did the octopus punch at a Archivers. It was the inside that almost made me sell all my crafty stuff. I couldn't get it to print properly for anything. I couldn't print directly on the card - too stiff for my printer. Then I wanted to use vellum. It smeared and took forever to try, then it faded! Finally, I cut cards to run through, they were too small. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Finally, I cut the cards a little bigger and ran them through on printer on landscape. AAAAAHHHHH........

The little crab holding the label in the front of the envelope was Mike's idea.

What other decorations do I have planned? Only a birthday sign and some fish like balloons (turtle and whale balloon bouquets). I did get a pinata, though I don't know where I will hang it. And I ordered a jumpy house for the kids. Favors are gorgeous decorated cookies from a place called Lovin Ovens. Not only are the great looking, they are super tasty.

I don't have a lot of people attending. Mostly family. If my little darling would start take naps, she might have a great birthday.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

B and the Horrible Threes

I know, B isn't three quite yet, but boy has she been acting like (what I read) a three year old. She has always been strong willed and stubborn, she has pushed it into overdrive. By the time I dropped her at school and walked back to the car (yes, we had to drive because it took me that long to get her out of the house) I was in tears. Just plain, emotional exhaustion.

Monday was ballet. Getting her there was like pulling teeth. "I am not going," B said. Then, no nap. The nap thing has been difficult, because, even though she still wants to nurse before her nap, I don't seem to have any milk to give her. Probably, between the pregnancy and her nursing less and less. Really, the only time she wants it is at nap time.

And, I have been sleeping poorly. My allergies really could use some Allegra D, but no can do when pregnant. I wake up a lot, stuffed up. Some nights I get back to sleep quickly, some I don't. Last night, I woke up a lot, almost once every hour, but went back to sleep easily.

B has really been trying to assert her control over all situations. We didn't have a tantrum this Tuesday morning, but there was a lot of crying when I brushed her hair. I mean really, I don't make her wear a head band or anything, the least the kid can do is let me (or she can do it) comb the knots out.

She did take a nap Tuesday. A three hour nap. Then was up until 10. That is the catch. No nap, grumpy child, nap, awake child. Wednesday, she woke early, after going to bed late. She was in a fine, cooperative mood, yet had two accidents at school as well as several in the afternoon. I tried to get her to take a nap, but no way. She was a grump by 4:00, I got her in bed around 8:15 (she actually laid down there during a snit) and by 8:30 she was asleep (and Mike and I got to watch the True Blood finale - YEAH).

I know we are doing something wrong. I try to keep bedtime rituals the same, as well as nap rituals (with the exception of milk). But she just doesn't want to do what we want, just because it's what we want.

This was one of my favorite B moments of the week. Yesterday, after eating her after school lolli, she wouldn't throw her stick away.

B: "You throw it away, Mom," then asked to watch something on the computer.

ME: "Throw your stick away, and I'll turn on dinosaur.

B: "I'll just put it right here." Then places the stick on a towel and covers it up.

ME: "No, you need to get up and throw it away."

B: Tears.

After she ate lunch (not watching anything), she saw Mike and me each eating a cookie.

B: "What are you eating? Is that a treat?" May I have one?

Me: "After you throw your stick away."

B: Tears.

The weird thing is, she opened the garbage to throw the stick away, then wouldn't do it. She threw herself to the ground instead. So, so stubborn.

So, any advice will be considered. Will it just be a long year? Should she go to school (where according to her teachers she is laid back and so polite) full time, every day? Is it to late to drop her at the fire station? Sell her to the gypsies? WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WHEN CHARLIE IS BORN? It will be tear city on James Street. Mine, B's, the baby's, and Mike's as her running for the hills.

Monday, September 14, 2009

B Does Ballet

These are all stinky photos, but B didn't want any taken. There isn't one with her wearing her ballet shoes. Oh well. Still she picked the outfit out. Very girly for my little lizard lover.

All these were taken after class. She was a little unsure about going into the class by herself, but by the end she was going along with all the other little dancers. I tried to get her to wear a sparkly head band, but no. I think I was lucky she went. We'll see if she wants to go back next week.

I Know, I Swore I Would Never Wear Leggings....

But, we had a parent social Friday night and i had to wear something. It seemed too hot for jeans. The shirt is from Anthropologie (unfortunately for my, not on sale like it is now), and the leggings are Liz Lange for Target. They have a little button detail at the bottom of the leg. I think I looked OK. I was a little out of my comfort zone, but I was comfortable.

I have a shower to go to this weekend and depending on the weather, I may wear this again. If not, I better do some shopping.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

School Pictures Yesterday

So, yesterday was picture day at B's Montessori. And, from the moment we tried to get it going that day, to the time B left school. It was a cluster-f*ck. B didn't want to get her hair fixed (it needed to be re-dried after she slept on it). She didn't want to put a dress on, brush her teeth, go to school. I mean, pulling teeth!

We ended up riding the bike to school because we were running late (parking STINKS!), so her hair needed more help (helmet hair).

Last year, photos went smoothy. They took the pictures by class, first a class photo, then individuals. This year, they skipped all around. Kids in B's class wanted their nack (but they couldn't eat til after they had their picture taken. They did 3 from B's class, then did another class picture. It was crazy! No spanish class.

By the time B had her picture taken it was 10:45. I spent the entire morning at school with her. And that confused B. So, after her photo, when I went to leave, she asked to come with me. I asked her teachers, they said OK. o we rode the bike home and blew bubbles on the patio (thank you Cathie for the bubble kit).

Below is the outfit she wore, her new shoes and her hair.

Please, please smile.

My girl, the one with a stoic face.

So, no smile in these and no smile in her school picture. She had her tongue rolled and stuck out. She is a piece of work. Nothing anyone did changed her expression. I guess I should be thankful she wasn't crying.

Hey Who is the Clueless Fat Lady in the Crocs?

I had a 3:00 chiropractor appointment today. I though I would take poor, tired B with me, but Mike was able to come home early. I needed to leave by 2:30, and Mike made it thought the door at 2:33. So out the door I rushed. I was about 10 minutes from home when I realized I was still wearing my Crocs.

Now, I am not someone who wears Crocs outside the house. OK, I wear them to go back and forth to the garage, or water the plants. But, mostly, I wear them when I go into our basement. I had them on, because I got some shorts out of the laundry. The plan was to trade them for the flip flops by the back door.

But, since I have SEVERE pregnancy brain and I was in a hurry, I left the house in olive colored linen shorts, a red tank and these shoes:

So, I went to the chiropractor and she was sweet enough to say they were cute. I swore I wasn't going anywhere else, but the Whole Foods was right there and they have the only lunch meat I like. So, like a dufus, I went grocery shopping. It would have been almost OK if they matched my clothes. But, really what does Pepto Bismo pink match?

B, B, and a Little More B

Here are some more pictures of B.

This is B making fish cookies. She "caught"
the fish herself.

B's new shoes. Picked them
out herself.

B took this picture of Annie. B's
finger was in front of the flash. Cool
effect though.

Another photo by B. She is slowly getting better.
Of course, there is one she took of my butt.
Maybe she took it to black mail me with when
she is older.

This is what B picked to wear Sunday to go get
coffee. She usually wears shorts and tees, but
she does like her "flamingo" dress.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Made by Rae Jackpack Backpack GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Another great Grograin Giveaway! Check it out:

The giveaway is for a toddler backpack as well as the chance to will the pattern.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Pictures of B

My sister likes when I post photos of B, so here are a bunch from Wednesday.

I am part of a co-op, and Wednesday, I received
a huge delivery. This is one of the boxes, filled
with packing peanuts. One of B's favorite things.

Her new favorite face for photos.

"Aren't I cute?"

B took this picture. This is her Polly set.
I hate Polly's. Too much plastic, to many little
pieces to lose. But, thanks to B's cousin Jeana, we
are the proud owners of lots of Polly's. Everytime
B comes home from my sister's, she is carrying a
bag full of something. B loves every little thing
she brings home.

I was getting my hair down when this one was taken.
Mike's little biker girl. When she saw a motorcycle on
the walk to the hair salon today, she said, "Daddy
can build me a blue motorcycle like that one."
We could be in trouble when she is 16.

B gets a Haircut and a New Dinosaur

B got a haircut today. It has been since June, so she was due. B doesn't want to wear any hair accoutrements, so I asked Roxanne if she could make B's hair look kind of girly. She suggested a short bang and to let the rest grow a bit. That is just what she did.

On the way home, we stopped at a little store, and B picked up a new dinosaur. He is a Dilophosaurus. A sauropod - which is a lizard hipped carnivore. Yes, we are learning a lot about dinos here on James Street. Oh, and her new thing is dragons. She doesn't have any yet, but her birthday is coming, and a dragon is on the list.

Showing off her new hair and dinosaur.

Here is a shot of her whole head -
and the dinosaur.

Where is he?

B asked of people rode dinosaurs. The ongoing
discussion in the house is that dinos are
extinct, lest she asks for a live one for
her birthday.

Speaking of B's birthday, I am working on her invitations. I will post a photo as soon as some of my blog subscribers get theirs in the mail. Don't want to ruin the surprise. They are cute, but a lot of work. Every year, I say, "Next year, I am buying invites." Oh, check out these cute paper doll invitations are Whimsy Love. They are so cute. Nikki must outdo herself for birthdays!!!! She is very creative.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Anniversary To Us!

So yesterday, my Mother wishes me "Happy Anniversary," around 10:00 am. I was like, oh, I forgot, I will have to wish Mike a happy anniversary as well. Well, 6:00 pm rolls around, and Mike's like, "hey, happy anniversary." I told him my mother reminded me me earlier, but I forgot again! He also forgot!

So I said, are we heading for divorce? Shouldn't we remember the day we got married? He of course said no. I guess we forget about it every other year (including our first).

And it's weird, our wedding was quite the affair. Perfect (mostly in part to my sister who hosted the wedding and reception at her home) in every way. I still hear how it was a great party. Big band, good food, probably too hot a night for a tented wedding, but oh well.

But from the beginning, it was all about the marriage. I tried to convince my Father destination wedding would save him money, but he wouldn't listen. The wedding party was secondary to marrying Mike. I dated a lot of frogs before I (OK, so cliche) found my prince. Or maybe I should call him my very patient other half. We are very even steven. If I am stressed, he is calm. If he is angry, I remain passive. It works well for us.

I do worry about the strain another kid will have on our relationship. Right now, the poor guy spends a lot of time talking me off a ledge and picking up slack around the house (tough for him since he already cleans and does half the cooking). But something that is important in our house is "please" and "thank you." Even if it's a thank you for emptying the dish washer or folding the laundry. Both Mike and I make a point of not taking the other for granted. OK, I take for granted he'll take out the garbage and mow the lawn. And I bet he takes for granted that I'll make sure he has clean jeans and gyn clothes. But other than that.....

So it's been 9 years for us. That is one good thing we did, we got married in the year 2000, makes remembering how long very easy. We had some issues in the beginning - mostly external (my Father becoming ill and passing away, losing my job, moving) but we made it through, no sweat. I know every day is different. Some days he drives me nuts, hell, I know I drive him nuts sometimes. But most days, I love him more than the last. It's work, but what isn't. Cliche, but nothing worth it comes free, right?