Friday, September 4, 2009

Pictures of B

My sister likes when I post photos of B, so here are a bunch from Wednesday.

I am part of a co-op, and Wednesday, I received
a huge delivery. This is one of the boxes, filled
with packing peanuts. One of B's favorite things.

Her new favorite face for photos.

"Aren't I cute?"

B took this picture. This is her Polly set.
I hate Polly's. Too much plastic, to many little
pieces to lose. But, thanks to B's cousin Jeana, we
are the proud owners of lots of Polly's. Everytime
B comes home from my sister's, she is carrying a
bag full of something. B loves every little thing
she brings home.

I was getting my hair down when this one was taken.
Mike's little biker girl. When she saw a motorcycle on
the walk to the hair salon today, she said, "Daddy
can build me a blue motorcycle like that one."
We could be in trouble when she is 16.

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