Friday, September 4, 2009

B gets a Haircut and a New Dinosaur

B got a haircut today. It has been since June, so she was due. B doesn't want to wear any hair accoutrements, so I asked Roxanne if she could make B's hair look kind of girly. She suggested a short bang and to let the rest grow a bit. That is just what she did.

On the way home, we stopped at a little store, and B picked up a new dinosaur. He is a Dilophosaurus. A sauropod - which is a lizard hipped carnivore. Yes, we are learning a lot about dinos here on James Street. Oh, and her new thing is dragons. She doesn't have any yet, but her birthday is coming, and a dragon is on the list.

Showing off her new hair and dinosaur.

Here is a shot of her whole head -
and the dinosaur.

Where is he?

B asked of people rode dinosaurs. The ongoing
discussion in the house is that dinos are
extinct, lest she asks for a live one for
her birthday.

Speaking of B's birthday, I am working on her invitations. I will post a photo as soon as some of my blog subscribers get theirs in the mail. Don't want to ruin the surprise. They are cute, but a lot of work. Every year, I say, "Next year, I am buying invites." Oh, check out these cute paper doll invitations are Whimsy Love. They are so cute. Nikki must outdo herself for birthdays!!!! She is very creative.


Jennifer said...

I am glad to see she is allowing photos again. Love the hair!

Morgan said...

Her hair looks cute and feminine!

Do you make your own thank you notes too?