Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Anniversary To Us!

So yesterday, my Mother wishes me "Happy Anniversary," around 10:00 am. I was like, oh, I forgot, I will have to wish Mike a happy anniversary as well. Well, 6:00 pm rolls around, and Mike's like, "hey, happy anniversary." I told him my mother reminded me me earlier, but I forgot again! He also forgot!

So I said, are we heading for divorce? Shouldn't we remember the day we got married? He of course said no. I guess we forget about it every other year (including our first).

And it's weird, our wedding was quite the affair. Perfect (mostly in part to my sister who hosted the wedding and reception at her home) in every way. I still hear how it was a great party. Big band, good food, probably too hot a night for a tented wedding, but oh well.

But from the beginning, it was all about the marriage. I tried to convince my Father destination wedding would save him money, but he wouldn't listen. The wedding party was secondary to marrying Mike. I dated a lot of frogs before I (OK, so cliche) found my prince. Or maybe I should call him my very patient other half. We are very even steven. If I am stressed, he is calm. If he is angry, I remain passive. It works well for us.

I do worry about the strain another kid will have on our relationship. Right now, the poor guy spends a lot of time talking me off a ledge and picking up slack around the house (tough for him since he already cleans and does half the cooking). But something that is important in our house is "please" and "thank you." Even if it's a thank you for emptying the dish washer or folding the laundry. Both Mike and I make a point of not taking the other for granted. OK, I take for granted he'll take out the garbage and mow the lawn. And I bet he takes for granted that I'll make sure he has clean jeans and gyn clothes. But other than that.....

So it's been 9 years for us. That is one good thing we did, we got married in the year 2000, makes remembering how long very easy. We had some issues in the beginning - mostly external (my Father becoming ill and passing away, losing my job, moving) but we made it through, no sweat. I know every day is different. Some days he drives me nuts, hell, I know I drive him nuts sometimes. But most days, I love him more than the last. It's work, but what isn't. Cliche, but nothing worth it comes free, right?


Jennifer said...

That was really sweet. Happy Anniversary! I think you tow have got it right and you'll get through anything - four will be that much more fun! Promise.

Morgan said...

Happy Anniversary! How cool that you guys got married in 2000! I wanted to get married that year, but had to wait one more.

Thanks- I am feeling better. Just had one day of feeling icky. I agree that it's best when mom's relaxed during potty training. Stress is not good for child or mom.

Have a great day!