Saturday, August 29, 2009

From the Mouth of my Baby...

B's birthday is in a little more than a month. She asks sever times a day, to talk about her birthday wish list. (She is from a long line of present list makers. Me, Aunt Lee, Jordan, Jessica, Jeana, Joe and now B - we love our presents.) So presently, her list stands at (her words, not mine)(Oh, and try to remember she is a girl who won't wear dresses but picked out very glittery silver shoes.):

Sodor Aquarium Cars
Squishy Dinosaurs and Dolphins
A Red Dragon, and
A Live Lizard

What is a mom to do?


Morgan@DiaperingandBeyond said...

The Thomas Aquarium cars look cool! I've seen them at the store before. The water does eventually evaporate some in them, but they're still cool.

Sounds like her list is pretty easy other than the live lizard!

Thank you for the potty advice! My youngest is 21 months old now and is very interested in the potty (and will tell me she needs to go), so I'm hoping it will go well. The only downside is that she hasn't gone pee in the potty except for one time (as a baby). I'm hoping she figures that out. : )

Jennifer said...

you go to the store, by aquarium cars and squishy creatures. As far as the red dragon not clue. The live lizard - you'd be nuts but that's just me. :D

Morgan@DiaperingandBeyond said...

Hi Georgine-

Yep, I model the behavior. We never had to have closed doors for going to the bathroom until a year or so ago (gets kind of awkward when the kids aren't used to closing the door and then have friends over, so now we all close the doors).

My youngest sees her sister go and actually will fight to be the first to make it to the potty. She has a VERY strong desire to use the potty.

My plan is to get her some undies of her choice today and start the potty day tomorrow (lots of juice, salty pretzels, and more drinks= lots of potty opportunities!). However, I'm feeling icky today. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow so I can still get the potty stuff going.

What exactly does attachment parenting mean? Does it mean different things to different people? I have seen it mentioned a lot lately, but wasn't 100% sure of the meaning.