Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Last Weekend, In Review, Plus Pregnancy Woes.

What's happening on James Street you ask? There haven't been a lot of posts lately. B doesn't want her photo taken, we haven't been doing too much, and I am feeling fat, pregnant and lazy. And this puts me in a funk. Add in B is on break from school, (so no gym) and well, if after I take a shower, I still have the energy to breathe, well, something might happen.

Below are pictures from Saturday. In the morning, we walked to our croissant and coffee place, then to the park, where B swung on the swing forever. Since it had rained the night before, everything was wet. So, I only had to use my sleeve to dry off the swing. That was good.

After, MIke helped his friend Tony move into a new home while B and I hit Borders and Whole Foods. We needed groceries BADLY. Green Market is good for fruit and veggies, bad for cereal and olive oil. The weather shaped up, so we sat on the front porch. B and Mike blew bubbles, I read a new sewing book. B also ran around the yard with the camera. SHe took about a hundred photos. Here are two:

Our pup Jake.

And bossy, barky, Shadow.

B and Mike blowing bubbles. Funny, my
picture isn't any better than B's.

Let's see, Sunday we went to the Geneva Concours. This is a show of many cars. Old and fancy like Rolls Royce and Hudsons. Some new and not so impressive - like I need to see a 2005 Corvette or Porsche. It was the vintage cars that make the event special.

After, we did some shopping at Joann's. Even Mike went inside. Of course, it aged him a year for every minute he spent there. I bought stuff to make B and applique -shirt. This one had fruit stains I couldn't remove. I got the idea from the blog, Crap I've Made, as well as Funny Days with Mommy and Maddie. I used one of Mike's old shirts and found a stencil to use online. I even stitched around it! It turned out so well, I almost didn't believe I made it. Next up is an octopus applique. I have another old shirt to use. This time a cool orange print.

B wore it to the zoo the next day.
You think I would have gotten a photo
of her in the shirt.

So, not so busy of a weekend, but that is OK. I am still hoping some Saturday or Sunday will be right for the beach. With the weather we are having, I need vitamin D, and a tan.

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Jennifer said...

That shirt is so wonderful. You don't give yourself enough credit for you talents. I would love to do something like that. Can't wait to see the octopus