Thursday, August 13, 2009

Last Weekend, In Review

We were very busy last week, while Mike was on holiday. And it only let up a little on the weekend.

We didn't have plans on Friday, so I decided to re-organize our craft room. I want to sew a bit more, and B is always in there doing something, so I needed to clean it up. I got a little overwhelmed, so Mike lent a hand and helped me organize books, and carried stuff out to the recycling. I am happy with the way it turned out. I still have one more closet to go through, but it contains lots of files and papers with which I don't know what to do. But it is now easier to maneuver in, and that makes me happy.

This is B's and my craft room. See the new serger my
cousin Barb gave me. Isn't it incredible. Thank you so
much, Barb. And thank you Mike and B for helping
me get the room in better shape.

It looks so good in person, but still a bit of a mess in the
picture. I want to run a rail of cork around the room to
hang B's work. It looks a bit messy just taped up.

Before B was born, we cleaned everything out of this "bedroom," and Mike and his Dad put up cabinets from Ikea around part of the perimeter of the room. Mike added some shelves for books and such. There are two closets in the room - barely. But they are both low. One, as a door at one side, then runs the length of the room, making it hard to use the whole storage - and you basically have to crawl through the door. It should be a dormered room. But it works well for B and me. I have to organize the cabinets a bit more. One big one is filled with toys. Storage in B's room is next. With Charlie coming, we'll need more places to put more stuff.

Saturday was a day of rest. We ran a couple of errands, but mostly B took a long nap and Mike and I chilled. I did get a package in the mail.

I got this great fabric on Saturday. I am going to make
a tree skirt for B's Christmas tree. I bought the fabric
from Fabricworm on Etsy.

Sunday, my sister, fresh home from Maine, decided to through a lobster party. I thought she was a little nuts, but we had a good time. It was nice to see her whole family as well as Ed and Cathie who brought their dog Cosmo. The weather was perfect for floating around in her pool, and B had a blast with her cousins. Lee made great artichoke dip and my niece Jordan made guacamole. Those were our snacks! For dinner, there were lobsters, potatoes, sausage, corn, squash, fruit and I made cupcakes.

B found this giant dragon fly as we were getting ready to go.
She had to chase our cat off of it. Mike moved it safely to a bush.

Cathie made this great little gown for Charlie!
It is perfect. It even has little foldovers for
the baby's hands. Thanks Cathie!

Setting a great table.

All that was missing were lobster bibs.

Dick, Jeaner and the lobster table.

Maybe I should have done before and after.
I didn't look at them alive, then I definitely
couldn't have eaten one.

Poor lobsters. I only had part of one. Yes, I know I am still
guilty, but it was good. I felt even worse when
B played with their claws.

Our big happy family.
Front row (l-r): Ed, Cosmo (in Ed's lap) and Jeana
Back row (l-r): Jordan, Dick, Joe, Cathie, B, Mike and Jess

The big news is B spent the night with her cousins. THey asked if she wanted to sleep over and she said yes. I tried to explain to her what that meant, but she waved goodbye as Mike and I drove away. She watched movies, ate popcorn, played with her cousins, cried and fell asleep. Mike and I stayed up waiting for the call that didn't come. Nice way to spend our free evening, but we really missed the little sprite! In the morning, my sister treated her like royalty and gave her a donut. B was definitely ready to see me when I pulled up. I know she had fun with her cousins, but she might be a bit young yet. We'll try again, now that she knows what to expect. The consequence is that she has been a bit clingy. But she now says to me, "you and me like to be together." That's even better then when she says to my belly, "Charlie, you'll come some time soon."


Gesch Family said...

I just love it that you and B have your own craft room! My crafts take over the whole house!
I did cut the whale invitations by hand, but I traced a circle for the body and then overlapped a heart tracer for the tail. I hope that helps some. Good luck with your ocean party. I had such a blast planning and throwing it. If you have anymore questions, let me know!

5 Orange Potatoes said...

What a fantastic craft room. Ugh, I really need to work on ours! I have a ton of thrifted sweaters I got from my mom and don't have a place to put them. So I have sweaters everywhere, herbs everywhere, notebooks get the drift.

Your babe is a dollbaby!

Lisa :)

Georgine said...

Thanks Lisa! The room looks better, before it was bad! Too much stuff in a small space.

I used magazine holders that I laid sidewise to hold fabric. I alternated the long sides. IT really helps to see what I have. I do the old sweaters too. I need to felt them so I can used them. You know, in a craft room, you hate to get rid of anything. YOu never know what you'll want to use and when!