Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Part One of our Staycation

Yes, I used the buzzword "staycation." We planned to go to Hayward, Wisconsin (Mike's family house) this week for a summer break. But, alas, the weather forecast looked cool. And, when the lake water is cool and the air is cool, well, one ends up cold. And there isn't too much to do in Hayward otherwise, so we stayed home to do fun things around us.

Sunday, we went to a beach on Lake Michigan in Evanston. It took us awhile to get there, but we had a blast. Specifically, B loved the beach. This is a big difference from when we went to Mexico when she was one. Then, she hated the waves and the sand was just OK. Sunday, she dug in the sand for rocks, splashed in the very cold water, ran after sea gulls, and laid in the sun on a towel. Afterward, we went to dinner at a cute little restaurant in downtown Evanston, and then a little Italian cafe for gelato and cappuccino.

Believe it or not, we were not
the pastiest people at the beach.

Notice, no one in our family got their hair wet.
The water was icy.

Having a apricot snack.

B loves her towel.

Chasing after the poor sea gulls.
Needless to say, she didn't catch one.

I am getting cold.

Yesterday, we hit the Shedd Aquarium. We took the train downtown. We wanted to leave around 9:30, but we just couldn't get it together quick enough. So the 10:30 it was. The problem was, it was a half hour late getting to Chicago. There is a bus that runs from the station the the Shedd, but we missed it by this much. So we decided to walk. We were hungry and really didn't want to eat at the aquarium. Our walk led us by Lou Mitchell's, so we stopped there for brunch. This helped cross a "to do" off my list. I wanted to go out to breakfast. (This is something we used to do, but I always feel crappy after eating a huge breakfast.)

We continued walked the 2 miles to the aquarium. I am not sure when we arrived there, but t was after 12. I was surprised there was still a bunch of people buying tickets. The place was pretty crowded. Still, B had a good time. She was tired, but a trooper. I don't have a lot of photos from inside, because they don't allow flash photography. But we saw a lot. Sharks, jellyfish, huge catfish, sea horses, sting rays, an octopus, beluga whales, dolphins, otters, penguins and B and I got to touch a starfish. It was pretty cool. We walked back to the train, so B could get in a little nap. Got there for the 5 o'clock train, which only made a couple stops. YEAH!

Enjoying bacon at Lou Mitchell's.

Bad picture, but one of the best with
the fish.

Riding "Crush."

The jellyfish were probably B's favorite. Along with the
sharks and the rays.

Man with a fish statue.
Yes, that is the official name.
It's on the map and everything.

We are taking a rest today. Next we are heading to the Brookfield Zoo, so Mike can check out the dinosaurs. Then back to the beach. We will probably stay close to home this weekend because it is suppose to be HOT.


Jennifer said...

Sounds like you are having tons of fun. It's always nice to have Dad home during the week. We need to catch up for a Happy Birthday treat!

Pink & Green Mama said...

so fun!! my hubby took this week off, we got home from a 3 day trip up to PA last night and tomorrow the girls are doing a daddy camp all day with daddy while i repaint their bathroom!! fondly, marylea (aka pink and green mama)