Thursday, July 30, 2009

B: Random Pictures

B has no interest in having her photo taken. Even at school this week, when she saw the fire trucks and got a fireman hat, no picture. AAAHHHH!!!!!! Why have this blog, if not to show pictures of my girl.

Here are some random shots I managed to get. (Some even have smiles.)

This is obviously at the Meijer. I was happy to
see the horse ride is free. I am not a regular Meijer
shopper, but if I mention to B that I need to run there, she is
more than happy to accompany me. That, and usually
I go there to buy rice crispy making supplies.

This is my little pole dancer at our local coffee
house. Coffee there is marginal, but we can walk there
and they have a fabulous patio. Beats the tables on the
sidewalk at Starbucks. Oh, and they do make
a great mango smoothie.

B and Mike were playing ball in the yard. Here
it really didn't register that I had the camera.

Here it does. She heard the camera click and flopped down.
At least I got a smile.

This is her "what the hell are you doing" look.

This is from last night. B was bouncing on a ball
while Mike held her hands. When I got the
camera out, she stopped and gave me this face.

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Jennifer said...

Great pics. I think the key is sneak attack?