Monday, February 27, 2012

I Made This! Cute Outfit for B

The outfit came to be after I watched the Martha Stewart show this past week.  I try to at least skim each episode while I try to nurse Charley down for a nap.  This week, she featured a Purple Party Show, and one of the segments showed how to "tie dye" with a Sharpie and rubbing alcohol.   So, B and I collaborated (though I didn't want to - I wanted to do it by myself, plus, B doesn't collaborate, she just does!) and came up with the shirt below:

I thought I might have the perfect fabric for a matching skirt.

Then I thought it could be a reversible bubble skirt.

 The whole thing together:

I really need to pull out the instructions for my camera.  My photos stink!  I tried a couple different settings, but I am not even sure what I did.   Anyway, B likes the outfit.  I haven't tried it on her for fear it will be ruined before warm weather hits.  I have many more ideas swimming around in my head.  I also really need to finish Charley's swim suit.  Every weekend I promise I will finish it before swim class Monday morning.  Well, here is another Monday and no suit.  There is always next week.  PLUS, Mike helped me put my office (it really isn't an office, craft room? Studio?  Giant mess?) back together after the floors, so I should be able to get a bit more done.  That is if my "helpers" stop helping me. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

I Made This! Cute Dress for Charley

I used the Lil Blue Boo Sienna pattern again but added a woven fabric sleeve and skirt flounce (which I put on backwards the first time). Chalrey hasn't tried it on yet, do I hope this one isn't too big.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Daddy/Daughter Dance And I Made This!

Tonight was our park district's Daddy/Daughter Dance.  One of the Dad's was going to take his daughter and kind of recruited a couple of other Dad's to go too.  Mike asked B and at first she wasn't too keen on the idea.  But then, when she found out she didn't have to actually dance, she came around.   She got a special dress (much to my dismay  -  I wanted her to wear the sequined top she wore Christmas Eve) and was very excited to go.  (She may also gotten some sparkly shoes at Target.)

B started to ask bright and early this morning if it was time to go to the dance.  She had been waiting all week top wear her special dress.  We did a dry run this morning over her pjs.  Charley insisted on getting dolled up too. 

The girls also got some new goggles at Target.  They wore them in the bathtub last night too. (I'll spare you those.)

At long last, it was time for the dance.  B took a shower and Mike (yes, Mike, I cannot do hair) did B's hair.  I put a little blush and lip balm (I mean lipstick) on B and added some stink on purple gems to her ears.  She was quite glamorous.  Mike didn't clean up so bad either.  And, I will probably jinx it, but the girls have been playing together a lot lately.  lots of hugs and kisses too.  I smile every time I see them all sweet. 


Charley and I did something special too.  She got dressed in the t-shirt dress I made her yesterday and we went to Joann's to buy more thread for the bathing suit I am (slowly) making her.  The dress is made from one of my old t-shirts.  I used the Lil Blue Boo Sienna Dress pattern.  I made it a 2T, but it is kind of big on her.  The ladybug dress I made is too big too.  Charley is so slight, stuff isn't too long, just too wide.  Still, she was excited to wear it.  And, Charley picked out her own tights.  That is Boy the Whale she is holding.  You know B and her names. 

In other news, Heart Shell the turtle is well (I think - really, how many turtles do I know?).  She is swimming around.  The girls fed her earthworms today.  ICK!  I ask B to let me know when it is over.  Poor worms.  

In really good news, DING DONG, Ole' F-Face is gone and our floors are DONE!!!  Can you hear my excitement?  In really bad news, Anna the cat is on the outs (permanently) with Mike because she walked on the freshly poly'd kitchen floor.  Yes, little kitty prints on the lovely kitchen floor.    I should point out, you can see the floors in the photos above.  They look good, I am happy with them.  Barely.  You know, after Ole' FF touting himself such a perfectionist, the floors will never be as good as he builds it up to be.  You know after 6 weeks of torture, they really should be perfect.  But he is gone and oh, joy, we can put the house back together.  Oh wait, that sounds like more work and I've got girls clothes to sew....

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Made These!!!! Bathing Suit, Cute Dress, And Two T-Shirts

So, you know, it has been a long time since my last post (I mean besides the introduction of Heart Shell). And, I know you have been waiting on pins and needles to hear what has been happening in the Brady House.  Well, Gentle Reader, we are having our floors done, and really, your ears are way to delicate to hear what I think about that particular subject.  Do you know what I call the floor guy (Don't worry Mike, I am cleaning it up)?  Remember Mash?  Hawkeye called Major Burns "Ferret Face?"  Well, replace ferret with another 4 letter "F" word.  Criminy, this guy, Ole' FF has been here since the 2nd of January and the floors are still not finished.  IT may have something to do with the fact that he didn't show up today until 9:45.  Where did we find him?  We can thank Medium Tony.  Or not!

So, we have the TV set up in the basement with all of my craft supplies.  So while the girls play or watch TV, I sew, or paint or eat chocolate and drink green tea, anything that keeps me sane (and no, it really isn't working).  Still, a good thing is I made some stuff.  Like the photo below.  I made that bathing suit B is wearing.  I used one of her crewcuts suits as a template, made a pattern and voila!  Bathing suit.  Lined and everything.  What I shouldn't tell you is this is the second fabric, and the third top.  And countless flower and ruffle tries.  I am currently working on a suit for Charley, so hopefully, it won't take as many attempts (though, I had to cut out a second suit.  The serger ate my first one.

And seriously, how cute is this one?  Despite the basement surroundings!

Next up, when we were moving, I found a little beach dress of mine that was a bit too short.  I used the Dixie Version of Leila and Ben's Sweet dress.

 My friend Nicky and I talked about challenging ourselves to make our girls a t-shirt inspired by Boden.  Nicky at Bluebird and the Boy replicated this shirt.    Me?  Nada, zilcho, no way.  I didn't like my fabric, the tee I had chosen to work with, I just couldn't make it work.  However, I saw this Boden Shirt, and thought, well, I can do that.  And I did.  Using my Silhouette and there fabric paint vinyl plus some Jacquard Lumiere fabric paint, I made this shirt.  (If you are using a darker color, use the Lumiere, the regular colors don't show up well.) And to top it off?  I mixed some Fabric Mod Podge with Martha Stewart glitter (about 1 to 1), and like magic, I glitter the pink fix and the bubbles!  However, I would heat set the paint and then glitter.  And don't forget, if you try this, to wash the shirt on gentle.  B's shirt got mixed up with the regular laundry and some of the glitter washed off. 

Since I made B a shirt, I couldn't let Charley feel left out, so at Mike's suggestion, I did a skull and cross bones for her, in the Lumiere purple.  She wasn't sure about it, but add a tutu and some sparkly shoes and Charley is all over it!

I have another dress made -  this one is for Charley.  I used the same Dixie version of the sweet dress and some cute lady bug fabric I bought at Joann's 2 or 3 years ago.  It was when B was into ladybugs.  But then, for some reason, before I could make her anything, she was afraid of them.

Sorry, bad picture.  In the basement you know!   I used foldover elastic as the straps.  I have never used it before and I don't know if I'll use it again.  It is a bit slippy.  Anyway, I am working on Charley's suit and hopefully will have it done by her swim lesson on Monday.  I have a ton of ideas.  I am trying to make all their dresses for this summer.  I know I will buy stuff too, cause really, I love crewcuts and Mini Boden, but I also like the unique stuff I make too.  I have a Pinterest Board for my ideas.  I also want to try printing some fabric or spraying it or something.  I am not a fan of ordering fabric, but the knit choices at Joann's stink!  I will probably order some bathing suit fabric as well as this,
though it is spendy.  I don't think I sew that well!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Introducing The Newest Member of the Brady House.....

.....Heart Shell Strawberry Munch.

Yes, Heart Shell.   She is either a painted turtle or a red eared slider.  She may be a turtle, but she is cute.  Heart Shell came to us through one of Mike's co-workers.  The co-worker knew someone who wanted to get rid of their turtle, so we took her last Tuesday.  Heart Shell was supposed to be for B, but she may be a bit my turtle as well.  She is quite large, maybe 6 or 7 inches across her shell.  She is aquatic, meaning, she spends a lot of time swimming.   I think the only thing I do not like about Heart Shell (and yes, I tried to sway B to another, easier name, Lulu was my choice, Bo Bo was Charley's) is she is carnivorous.  Today, she ate 12 minnows and 5 or 6 crickets.  She does like strawberries though, hence, the last name Strawberry Munch.  


Her tank is 75 gallons.  See Heart Shell up on her backing platform?
She lays there with her neck stretched out, looking dead.  in fact, the
morning after we got her, I looked in her tank and Heart Shell was underneath
the water.  I thought to myself, "Oh crap, I have had this damn turtle for
less than 24 hours and i have already killed her."

I spent the better part of last week on the internet researching aquatic turtles.
What they eat,  how much she Heart Shell should eat, 
how long do they bask, proper temperature, how to tell
how old they are, and so on.  Dogs and Cats are easy.
Turtles, not so much.

You may wonder what we were thinking, getting another pet. I do think
our heads are screwed on crooked.  But B has been asking for a reptile for years.
Yes, I know she is only 5.   But Heart Shell isn't a snake.  She doesn't eat mice.
And besides, look at that mug.  She is so cute.  And when I lean over the top of
the tank, she comes swimming over.  And it has nothing to do with the fact
that I am the one that feeds her.

So, long live Heart Shell Strawberry Munch ('cause really, what does a dead turtle look like?).   I think we have a good start of taking care of her.  But just in case, does anyone know of a turtle vet?