Monday, February 27, 2012

I Made This! Cute Outfit for B

The outfit came to be after I watched the Martha Stewart show this past week.  I try to at least skim each episode while I try to nurse Charley down for a nap.  This week, she featured a Purple Party Show, and one of the segments showed how to "tie dye" with a Sharpie and rubbing alcohol.   So, B and I collaborated (though I didn't want to - I wanted to do it by myself, plus, B doesn't collaborate, she just does!) and came up with the shirt below:

I thought I might have the perfect fabric for a matching skirt.

Then I thought it could be a reversible bubble skirt.

 The whole thing together:

I really need to pull out the instructions for my camera.  My photos stink!  I tried a couple different settings, but I am not even sure what I did.   Anyway, B likes the outfit.  I haven't tried it on her for fear it will be ruined before warm weather hits.  I have many more ideas swimming around in my head.  I also really need to finish Charley's swim suit.  Every weekend I promise I will finish it before swim class Monday morning.  Well, here is another Monday and no suit.  There is always next week.  PLUS, Mike helped me put my office (it really isn't an office, craft room? Studio?  Giant mess?) back together after the floors, so I should be able to get a bit more done.  That is if my "helpers" stop helping me. 

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Nichole said...

Okay, this is so great!! I absolutely love it!! I have never heard of that technique looks wonderful!
Nice job!!