Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Made Stuff! Clothes for the Girls

I have been a busy little beaver making stuff for the kids for summer.  It seems like I should have more to show for it, since I feel like any spare moment (except now) I am at the machine stitching away.  I have been cutting a couple of projects at one time, then sewing them when I can.  I am actually in the middle of making B a dress similar to Charley's in the photo below.  And my photos stink.  I bought a how to for my camera, so they should get better with time.  Plus, half the pictures are taken in the evening.
First up:

Nightgown using a modification of the  Sienna Pattern from Lil Blue Boo

(yeah, this is the best I have...)

 Nightgown from Leila and Ben's Sweet Dress


Layered Skirt by Dana Made It for B

Same Skirt for Charley


Reversible Bubble Skirt for Charley

I made the same skirt for B, using a skirt from Lil Blue Boo as a model.

I want to do some shirts too (either paint or heat transfer), but I am lacking time.  I also still have a stack of fabric just waiting to be used, including some Liberty of London. 

For those of you looking for the gratuitous pictures of my kids:

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Nichole said...

You *have* been busy!! Now it's time to relax :)
Enjoy your trip!

(PS, that pic of Charley painting literally had me laughing out loud!)