Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just A Couple of New Pictures

Was it a busy week on James Street? I don't think too much. Actually, I really cannot remember what we did. We found a new restaurant (Prasino). I had bunco (and made this cake). Mike and I saw Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (my favorite HP to date) and the first time I left Charley with someone other than Mike (it went great! Thanks Grandpa and Pat. However, my nerves can't take leaving her again for awhile. I actually ran in from the car, and that was after only 3 hours away.) Then we had Bien Trucha (YUM). This weekend was a bit of Christmas shopping and B had a birthday. Mike tried out his new welder today. But today's weather was really icky wasn't it? I feel all woozy today.


B used fabric markers to decorate a shirt
she wouldn't let me take a photo of.

(Mike made me take the photo down since
he was in his boxers.)

Mike and B doing P90X on Saturday morning.

B behind the great fence.

B and Charley are playing together a bit more.

Charley's outfit if from Next Direct.
They had some cute stuff, pretty inexpensive.

She is trying to run now. It ends badly.
She is also trying to out a headband on her head
and really likes seeing barrettes in her
non-existent hair. She reaches up and tries to pat it.
And it actually looks cute. but I am bias.

This week? I need to do stuffing for B's class tomorrow (and rolls). Get the stuff I need to take to Lee's for Thanksgiving. What else? Laundry! Cleaning! Dry Cleaning! Sleep!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Update on Hot Chocolate Sticks

So, I found a blog that has a recipe for homemade hot chocolate sticks. Check out the recipe here at the Giver's Log.

My New Favorite Thing: Hot Chocolate Sticks!

OK, they are delicious. Sticks with hunks of chocolate on the end. I bought the speculoos flavor (what is it, I think gingerbreadish) at Movable Feast on Saturday. Must buy more. I have no picture, who knew I would love them this much! Here is the website. I have no idea where to buy them other than Movable Feast. I think I have to limit myself to one a week. They would make cute little presents, wouldn't they?

B and Charley Having Fun on James Street

The girls are playing together a bit more. Mostly Charley wants to play with B, not the other way around. I found the ride-ons in the basement on Saturday. They had a lot of fun. Charley mostly pushes backwards. It's a start.

Yesterday, the paint containers and brushes needed to be cleaned. I enlisted B to help, since she is the painter. Charley wanted in on the action so I set her up in the floor with a container of water, a smaller bowl and an empty bowl. She wanted nothing to do with anything by herself, so she walked over (yes, I said walk, all the time now. She even walked a little over half way to the park. It took forever. And she fell a couple of times.) and tried to get on B's stool. I had another stool in the basement (yes, a veritable treasure trove) and it was even larger than B's. Perfect for Charley to play in the sink.

Don't you just want to kiss that mug?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Charley's First Painting Experience

I have no photos of the actual painting, because Chuck was sitting on my lap - and I didn't even think about taking pictures until after. Still, it was cool. I put the paint on the paper and Charley squished it around, planted her face on the paper and put her fingers in her mouth. I used Clementine paints. I was going to let her put her hands in the paint, but really, I am not a saint, and there would have been a huge mess.

As it was, there was paint all over Charley.
And some on me too.

She just put her mouth right on the paper.

Those are Charley's new slippers from Target. They are socks
on top and rubber bottoms with nubs. They are perfect because
our floors are cold and socks are slippery for a new walker.
Yes, she is walking all the time now.
Except when I am carrying her.
Which, truthfully is a lot.

The finished product.

Will Charley be the great artist B is? Time will tell.
Like the new table? It was an old island. Mike shortened the legs.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Mike!

Yesterday was Mike's birthday. You would have to ask him, but I think it was an OK day. He messed around with the computer and TV trying to figure out how we can run Hulu through the Wii. We are trying to reduce are almost gazillion dollar u-verse bill. We bought Apple TV and that is pretty cool. Besides, how much TV do we need? Anyway, back to Mike's birthday. We didn't have a "party," but Lee and Jeana came, Marci, Markus and the boys, and Grandpa (Mike's Dad) and Pat. I made pulled pork and an icebox cake. (OK, other stuff too, but those were the main events.)

This was around 9ish last night. Love the time change at lease for the kids. Me? I was up at 6 (which used to be 7 you know). Aren't they cute. Charley is becoming more cuddly. Or maybe she is just cold?

Oh, and in case you are wondering, Mike was 41 yesterday. Yikes. You know that means I am going to be 40. How is that possible? I was just 29. Seriously, it was like last year. Oh, post about Mike. sorry....

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Charley is 10 Months Old (Yesterday)

So what is Charley doing at 10 months. Walking. A few words (ma ma, dada kitty), lots of babble. She is now bringing me books to read to her, then half way through getting down to bring me another. Going on the potty most every time she wakes up. The next step is every couple of hours, but what a commitment. What else. some baby signs. She sleeps like crap. The good thing is, in Chicago Parent Magazine, they had an article saying all the things we do are the right ones. Breastfeeding, not letting Charley cry it out, attachment parenting basically. But still, one night with a couple of un-interrupted hours of sleep would be nice.

Here is a little video of my girl walking.

Not sure of this will work.

Next up (maybe) Happy Birthday Mike! He is 41 today.

Friday, November 5, 2010

B and Charley Playing

Charley is turning into a walker. Finally. I know, who complains when their child walks as early as Charley. And she loves to play with B. B loves Charley, well maybe she doesn't love playing with her. Funny, you think B would show Charley the same courtesy the older kids like The Cousins (Jordan, Jess, and Jeana) or The Boys (Max and Madison) show her. Today, my girls did OK. B was peek-a-booing from a basket.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

I really wasn't feeling Halloween this year. B didn't want decorations and Mike really didn't want to do pumpkins. Usually it is my favorite holiday. Oh well.

I did these with my Silhouette for B's school mates.
B signed them herself.

Inside a little candy, pipe cleaners, googly eyes,
homemade black playdoh with glitter and a
piece of parchment so parents don't hate me when the
black playdoh bleeds on their furniture.

I also made white palydoh with glitter. Didn't
look great, so I gave it to B.

B's old costume. Chuck is a bee.

B decorated her tiara herself.
Love the Ariel, right?

The neighborhood kids.