Tuesday, November 16, 2010

B and Charley Having Fun on James Street

The girls are playing together a bit more. Mostly Charley wants to play with B, not the other way around. I found the ride-ons in the basement on Saturday. They had a lot of fun. Charley mostly pushes backwards. It's a start.

Yesterday, the paint containers and brushes needed to be cleaned. I enlisted B to help, since she is the painter. Charley wanted in on the action so I set her up in the floor with a container of water, a smaller bowl and an empty bowl. She wanted nothing to do with anything by herself, so she walked over (yes, I said walk, all the time now. She even walked a little over half way to the park. It took forever. And she fell a couple of times.) and tried to get on B's stool. I had another stool in the basement (yes, a veritable treasure trove) and it was even larger than B's. Perfect for Charley to play in the sink.

Don't you just want to kiss that mug?

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