Friday, November 12, 2010

Charley's First Painting Experience

I have no photos of the actual painting, because Chuck was sitting on my lap - and I didn't even think about taking pictures until after. Still, it was cool. I put the paint on the paper and Charley squished it around, planted her face on the paper and put her fingers in her mouth. I used Clementine paints. I was going to let her put her hands in the paint, but really, I am not a saint, and there would have been a huge mess.

As it was, there was paint all over Charley.
And some on me too.

She just put her mouth right on the paper.

Those are Charley's new slippers from Target. They are socks
on top and rubber bottoms with nubs. They are perfect because
our floors are cold and socks are slippery for a new walker.
Yes, she is walking all the time now.
Except when I am carrying her.
Which, truthfully is a lot.

The finished product.

Will Charley be the great artist B is? Time will tell.
Like the new table? It was an old island. Mike shortened the legs.

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Jennifer said...

You are a great mom!
BTW - I used to carry up to school for kindergarten so don't feel bad. I'd probably still do it if he let me. Enjoy it!