Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just A Couple of New Pictures

Was it a busy week on James Street? I don't think too much. Actually, I really cannot remember what we did. We found a new restaurant (Prasino). I had bunco (and made this cake). Mike and I saw Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (my favorite HP to date) and the first time I left Charley with someone other than Mike (it went great! Thanks Grandpa and Pat. However, my nerves can't take leaving her again for awhile. I actually ran in from the car, and that was after only 3 hours away.) Then we had Bien Trucha (YUM). This weekend was a bit of Christmas shopping and B had a birthday. Mike tried out his new welder today. But today's weather was really icky wasn't it? I feel all woozy today.


B used fabric markers to decorate a shirt
she wouldn't let me take a photo of.

(Mike made me take the photo down since
he was in his boxers.)

Mike and B doing P90X on Saturday morning.

B behind the great fence.

B and Charley are playing together a bit more.

Charley's outfit if from Next Direct.
They had some cute stuff, pretty inexpensive.

She is trying to run now. It ends badly.
She is also trying to out a headband on her head
and really likes seeing barrettes in her
non-existent hair. She reaches up and tries to pat it.
And it actually looks cute. but I am bias.

This week? I need to do stuffing for B's class tomorrow (and rolls). Get the stuff I need to take to Lee's for Thanksgiving. What else? Laundry! Cleaning! Dry Cleaning! Sleep!

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