Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pictures From December 2nd Plus A Couple Others

Where have I been? Well, I don't like to say I have been busy, but Thing 2 and Thing 1 are keeping my feet from spending too much time up on a coffee table. You know what I mean, the moment you sit down to eat, someone needs a drink or drop a spoon or Layla eats the butter (foil and all), then hoarks it up while you're nursing Charley down for a nap (foil and all).

Lee's friend gave the girls a bunch of stuff.
This cool fairy wand was one of the things.
Both girls love it.

So far, Charley is all girl. OK, I have seen
her with one of B's snakes, but mostly it is
dolls and pink.

This skirt was also in the bag of good stuff.
B looked so cute. We were headed to my cousin
Bert's daughter's Christening and her son Jon's
birthday party. Then we went and bought space heaters until
I could get the eat fixed in my Mother's house.
(Thanks for the help, Al).

This is our Elf on the Shelf, Johnson.
He likes candy. Both girls adore him.
He better watch out, that is my
candy he is eating.

This is Chucky today. Using a fork. I helped her a bit
stabbing the food. She makes it to her mouth all
by herself.

Her is B getting in on the photo act.

My little baby surprises me every day - mostly with lack of sleep-
but today she did a couple of baby signs, used the potty 4 times,
and played hide and seek with me. Charley was looking out the
back door while I was in the other room. I crouched down besides
a chair and said "Where's Mommy?" She came around the corner
got a glimpse of me, giggled and came at me. We did it another time,
then she tried to hide behind the chair! I (mostly) love her
little squeals of joy, she gets so excited about things.

I have taken my hat out of the crafting ring this year.
I don't like hearing B ask me to play with her or if I am
done yet with what I am doing. Add in little Chucky
and, well, it is the time of year to make memories together, not
by myself. However, that doesn't mean that B can't
make some art for Christmas. I bought a couple flour sack towels
for B to use as canvas. I thought maybe her teachers might like one.
Personal and practical - I hope.

OK, the next couple photos are a cautionary tale. When your children are quietly playing together, without any ruckus or crying, Trouble (yes, with a capital T) is a-brewing. I know, you veteran mothers are like "DUH." The girls were in the art room. B was doing some gluing and Charley was playing with some toys. So, I block off the door, come down get some tea (my mother's little helper - green tea keeps me calm - weird, but true) and upload some photos for our Christmas cards. My sister calls, and while taking with her, I think about checking on my little devil dogs. So, I go upstairs and here is what I find......

I almost wet myself. Seriously, Charley did this to herself?
Then I see her back....

That is marker on her back. Meaning, Charley had a little help.

OK, Maybe a lot of help.

So I ask B, did you do this to your sister. She says no. I give her the look and she asks "will you be mad?" I say no, bit don't do it again. Then B fesses up. Oh yes, B did a little lipstick on herself.

Check out that little kisser.

Still, Charley's hair was bluish-green. Seriously. Marker
everywhere. What do you think Charley was doing while B
colored on her? What started it? I'll never know. But I so
wish there was a nanny cam in that room.

Yes, that is marker on her chest too.

At least I know what Charley would look like with a neck tattoo.

So, since the girls were already a mess, I thought we should
paint. Why not? Make lemonade right?

Charley picked red. She worked with a brush and .....

her hands.

B is prolific. We also did some bubble wrap printing.
I forgot to get pictures of that.

Next step?

The tub.

All Clean!!!

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