Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas 2010! Charley's first Christmas. Something I keep forgetting. It was an OK time. Lots of work for basically 24 hours. Because really, after Santa, what else is there? OK, OK, we spent time with the girls and Joe on Christmas Day , and that was great (we played some cool dance game and ate a great Christmas dinner). It took us forever to get going Christmas Day. I don't know how Santa does it. I was exhausted! It took me two days to recover.

On with the pictures - which there aren't that many. I always say I am going to take lots, and never do. I should, if I take lots, maybe some will actually be good. Maybe I need to ask Santa for a new camera next Christmas. You know, a fancy one. One that makes sure I take good pictures.

Christmas Eve.

My sweet little Christmas girl. Here she is opening a tutu
from Lee. Which she wore most of Christmas morning.

It wasn't as crazy as the days of yore. Which was nice. Nice to
have all the kids together.

Cousin Joe. He got breath mints because
he didn't tell me what he wanted for Christmas.
Eventually, he got his real present.

"Really, this is my present?"

This is B in the same dress Charley wore this Christmas.
They look nothing alike do they?

Same tights too. I can't believe how lucky that I saved
the dress and tights.

Chuck just fell asleep on Jordan's lap. She must have been beat.

Round 2 of presents. Grandpa and Pat gave B
a cool Beauty and the Beast castle. Bonus: Chuck likes
it too! Though she can only play it when B isn't around.

Charley actually got into opening presents. I thought
she might be too young. It does take her awhile - though it
is a genetic things to be an experienced present un-wrapper.
Just ask me or my sister.

This was supposed to be in front of the fireplace -
without B sticking out her tongue.

Family picture part two. We had to threaten B to keep
her tongue in her mouth.

Charley loves this ball drop from Mike's sister.
Big hit!

There is that castle again!

B slept with this big dino also from Kate and her family.
He really is cute. So's B.

Christmas Morning came too soon for this elf. I thought B would sleep later than 7:15. No such dice. B was really excited.

There is that blow up shark she wanted!

We did Santa bags instead of stockings. Easier for putting in books.

Making Christmas cinnamon rolls. Fancy huh?

"Really? All for me?"

Santa left this for both girls. Aren't they sweet? Yes,
those are matching jammies. B picked.

Chuck's new beanbag.

There's that tutu.

And a princess hat for the little drama mama.

That is all I have. Not to much unfortunately. Maybe I will do better for Charley's upcoming birthday. Finger's crossed.

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