Friday, December 10, 2010

Pictures From The Past Week (Dec 3 - 9) and Some From Before and Charley is 11 Months

I left my camera at Lee's on Thanksgiving, so there are some photos from awhile ago. Not too much this week. Last Friday was our town's Christmas Walk. B wore her snowman pjs that night and low and behold, it snowed. So Saturday, we suited up and played in the snow (and brought down some Christmas stuff. SAturday night, late, Mike took our little Nikita cat to the emergency vet. She didn't look well. So Sunday, we called a bunch of times to check on her, but after we cut down our Christmas trees, the vet called and said she was getting worse. So we went to say goodbye. The bad, good news was I didn't have to have her put to sleep, she died while I was holding her. So, Sunday was pretty much a downer. Let's see, Monday we went to Indiana (and it was Charley's 11 month birthday). Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and so far today it has been errands, errands, errands. I am just about done with the Christmas shopping and this Saturday, I am hosting the James Street Womens Brunch.

OK, on with the pictures.....

B decorated this shirt herself.
She wants to wear it every day.

She picked this outfit out herself.

She wore this to her Thanksgiving dinner at school.
After school,, she played outside. Apparently,
the weather was nice.

Yes, Charley with paint on her face is becoming the norm.
But she is so cute.

This is her finished product.

Here, she is playing with shaving cream.

B loved it. I thought is was cool too.

Then we added watercolor paint and

made prints with paper.

Nothing like messy fun.

Isn't she sweet?

On our way to Lee's for Thanksgiving.

How cute is Charley. Wait, didn't I just say that?

Jeana and Mackey


I am not sure what this is.

Getting ready to go to the Christmas Walk.

All bundled up. We walked to dinner first, then on to the festivities.

Sushi dinner.

It was a good evening.

Getting ready to play in the snow on Saturday.

Charley couldn't move. Between the puffy suit and the
stiff boots, she was motionless.

She tried to walk. Whoops!

First time Charley wears J. Crew. Yes, I am that
shallow, but they have such cute kids clothes. This
is actually B's old sweater.

Cutting down our Christmas trees.

B found a birds nest. It is now in her and Charley's tree.

One for the girls, one for Mike.
I get mine in town.

This was yesterday. Our first moose munch of the season.

B loves to help.

Charley didn't help, we just made it look like she did.

Love the mini sweats? They are size 3-6 month.
Charley is wearing a cloth diaper more and more. This way
I can put her on the potty easily.

Since this is Charley's 11 month post, I will fill you in on what is new with her. She says kitty, Mama, dog and hi. Charley can trumpet like an elephant. She is doing lots of signs. Dog, bird, hat, kitty, I can't remember what else, but she surprises me a couple of times a week. She is using the potty more and more. I sit her down when I go. Charley now brings us books. I thought the day would never come. I am so happy about it! Anything else? She is into everything! Cabinets, drawers, baskets, closets. And that is OK. She makes a mess, but learning is everywhere right? And she loves to turn lights on and off, oh and the faucet. Charley loves water.

These are my invites for the brunch. Aren't they cute?

OK, I will have more pictures soon. I want to do another day in the life.

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