Monday, December 20, 2010

First Day Of Christma Break 12/20/2010

So what did we do today? Well, I had a minor nervous breakdown. The kids, the dog, the cat throwing up on my new magazine - twice. I was (am) tired. A little stressed about getting stuff down. I wanted to do salt-dough ornaments with B, and Charley was clingy, Layla was stealing Charley's crackers and Isabel the cat was going all bulimic. Sometimes the kids get to me. Mondays are hard anyway, since I am on my own after having Mike help me all weekend. OK, enough whining, on with the pictures.

Salt Dough Ornaments...

With glitter shoes of course.

Charley eating kiwi.

B opening a present from Sandy.

It was cool I Spy cards.

Sandy gave Charley a neat Leap Frog puppy
that talks to her by name.

B's salt dough snowman.

This is B playing in the water.

This is Charley playing in the water.

B eating pomegranates.

Charley eating oatmeal.

She already ate pomegranates.

So, a rocky start to Christmas break. Lots more to do. Presents to wrap, ornaments to paint. Moose munch to make. Fun to be had. And it is snowing!

Some new things about Charley. She lets us know what she wants by shaking her head yes or no. It is hilarious. Tons of signs. Not a lot of talking (driving me crazy). But she knows so much. If you say, throw this away, or close the door, she does it. And the dancing. Loves to dance. OK, didn't want to forget.

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