Monday, January 3, 2011

Couple of Year End Pictures - 2010

B received a cape in her stocking, well guess who likes it? Charley! I was doing something, turned around and there she was, she put the cape on herself and was walking around.

She is such a girly-girl How did that happen?

B loves her tutu. Though not a traditional girly-girl,
I painted all her nails and she likes to wear
stick on jewels as earrings.

We really have to watch Chuck now. She just goes upstairs.
Yesterday, I was in the shower, Mike was downstairs with the girls, and Charley
decided she wanted to find me. So, I heard the bathroom door open
and there she was, throwing back the shower curtain.

That is B's New Year's Eve outfit. A twirly skirt,
a shirt of her design, argyle socks and red sparkly shoes.

Next up? Charley's first birthday party.

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Jennifer said...

Love those girls!

Coffee at Cocoa Bean?